Finding the right path | Peace and Intuition

Live Channeling in Bövingen on the 21st of August 2019

Be in peace, human children, be in peace and in the light. Be full of trust in yourself that you will find the way you have to go in this life, that you will tread this path taken over as a task. This is a theme for all of you bringing you in doubt again and again.The theme always to go the right way, the theme to find your path and your task. 
So let me tell you, I who recognizes your shining. If only you could see yourself in the shining of your soul. So let me tell , you would not be in doubt for your soul is powerful, for the shining in you is powerful, the shining you often search, believing it can not be found.

This is a theme of trust, the trust in yourself, the trust in your action. Believe me, soul aspects of the One, your acting is precious in manifold ways. You are selected for this working in this life and selected to find what is important for you and also for your surroundings.

Scare away the doubt in you. Leave no doubt. You are worthy. For you are precious in treading your path of development. Your souls are ancient, your souls are bright  and your physical being here in this existence is the house of your soul.

And often you doubt and ask yourself  „Why me?“ or „Am I as good as the others seem to be? Why me?“

Trust, you are precious, you are powerful. Just you are worthy. Scare away the doubts that are trying to dissuade you from your path again and again. Scare away the doubts triggered by your shadows again and again. For the doubts represent your weaknesses, and in the present time you will measure yourselves to your weaknesses. In this present time your weaknesses are the things to be handled.

Trust that all other fields have already changed and that all of you are allowed to look at your weaknesses on your own and to welcome them lovingly, and tell yourself „Yes, I have this weakness. Yes, this weakness is a part of me. And this part is allowed to be lived in love, without evaluating – without the existence of doubt.

For these weeknesses show the shadow world the place of your vulnerability. So use these parts in love and say no to the shadow – I am as I am and also live my shadow part as long as I do not impair any other human. And as long as thereby  I am on my way.

I am not only shining light here on earth. I am a light being who has to make experiences. And the main share of the soul is to make experiences in this life. To feel experiences and then to allow to  let take place a change.

And the main thing in your body is the field of intuition, the field below your breast in the solar plexus. Here in this field of intuition you can interrogate your experiences asking yourself „ Is this good for me? Is this impeding me or should I put a stop sign?“

And if you are now asking again „Can I trust my intuition, so let me tell you. The first thought early in the morning is the thought of your intuition. The second thought is the thought of your good sense and your sense has been instilled. Your good sense does not correspond to your shining, but your good sense correspond to your social acting. So please do not trust your good sense, but only trust your intuition.

And whenever you ask here „how will I know if this is my intuition, I tell you  - every sentence that starts with „Yes/but“ is locked in by the good sense. Every sentence that brings you in doubt again is guided by your good sense to manipulate you.  And in the future please say stop  in such a situation. I forbid my good sense to act and work beyond my intuition. My intuition is the highest thing in this life given to me by the One and thus I am willing to trust my intuition. Peace to my intuition. Light to my intuition. I am allowed to live with my intuition. These are the words for you in the now and in the future. It shall be that way and it may be that way.

And whenever you doubt again and start evaluating „Am I as good as the others“ or „why me?“ then please also say stop here. I have been wanted by my soul in the way I am. My soul has exactly incarnated in that way allowing me to make these experiences with me. And this is the highest, the most sacred you are bearing in yourselves, this certainty that you are present in the way the soul has   desired you. So come in peace with your doubts and come in peace with your lack of self-love. Let everything work in the wide light because you are exceptional. You have been chosen for that. And therefore my forceful words to you. Let your light shine. Trust you and your light.

I thank you. I thank you all for allowing me to speak to you today. I thank you for allowing me to work for you today, children of the light. 
Be in full confidence. You are the light.

And thank you and let love and peace work for you in your intuition in the future.

Thank you.
Hallelujah Amadeii