Love is the key to all solutions

I greet you and lovingly see how, in your doubt, you are trying to master your life.

I greet you: trust in what your soul, from the beginning of your incarnation, has planned for you in this life. Trust in that. Everything will happen as it is allowed to happen in your life plan. Everything will take place. Despites or row and pain, a development will take place within you that will often low you down and lead you in another direction. So is the plan for you and often yours ist because you do not always want to take the easy path. The path of light is change. You want rather to be misled by your rationality which is telling you: It should be so because I want it. It should be so because I wish for it. It should be so because I think that it is good for me.

But trust in our work. Reason is the part of you that guides you on your way time and again and not your intuition. But your intuition is your guide in the new time. Everything that you can fulfill with all your heart, you fulfill in resonance with your intuition. And the chaos around you, confusion, terminations is not absolute for everything, but look to your intuition. Ask: do I have to change everything or do I have to take a curve in this happening? Do I have to turn into a new street so that I can return, with what I feel comfortable with, to my shine light? Your rationality guides you in your desires, but your intuition in the reality of the light. And the light knows from your soul what is good for you.

Change is the subject which is concerning us at the moment. Change in the direction to your tasks. Change on the way to love. That is your current topic. And look around and recognize all the severe shadows that are trying to keep you from this change. Look around you and send loving thoughts to everything that hurts you, to everything that wants to keep you away from the change. For love is the key to all solutions. Love al one puts you on the right path. And recognize here, too that there are different forms of love.
There is love for yourself. This is a very, very precious love, and you often prohibit our self to experience this love. You yourselves think that you are not worthy to love yourself. This love is called self-love and self-love is a valuable treasure for you as long as you do not hurt others. And feel how this self-love is to be found in the right side of your chest. It is there you have the task to enlarge it, to make it stronger, only for yourself. This is important. Do not forget yourself in this process. Because self-love is your bread and your water on your path, that you can survive and recognize everything.

Selfishness has nothing to do with self-love.  Selfishness can be found in the lower parts of your body with which you are connected to the ground of all that is earthly, where all needs take place: I want to eat. I want to drink. I need a big apartment. I need something beautiful in order to shape myself. I need a house, a car and whatever else. These are conditions in your lower parts. This area can easily slide into selfishness. Be vigilant there and take care of your selves that you do not get caught up in the opulent abundance that will take you off your path. Indulgence in abundance takes you away from love. You may feed, you may drink, you may also enjoy. But everything for the good of everyone, that it does not harm other. And so that everything is in love and in measure. That the food is in love, the drink is in love. That is important.

Another topic is love for others. You can find this love in the left side of your chest. This love for others is a precious love, but it drains you when you allow this love too much space in your life and allow it to affect you too strongly. So it is very, very important to keep the love for you and the love for others in balance. For you, give and take as is right for you and feels good for you.
And a further topic is love for your soul. 

Your soul is the part of you which knows everything about you. And your soul is the energy that works for you. If you allow your soul to work here for you, then you have a loving protector in all matters. But you must formulate this permission yourself. It is your task to formulate your love: "Dear soul, I recognize you. I know that you are working within me and I am happy about this and grant you permission to work for me here: to consciously warn me when I move away from my love, to give me a signal if I share my love too profusely and so do not retain my balance. Please work for me. This is my request to my soul" 



The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody┬┤s application, but must not be modified in any way.