Christmas greeting 2019 from Amadeii

And so now I would like to do a meditation with you, in which I strengthen your spirit and bring your love into the light to the One.

And so now I would like to do a meditation with you, in which I strengthen your spirit and bring your love into the light to the One. So I ask you to breathe deeply in and out. Take a deep breath in and out. Send much love energy into your bodies, into all your cells and pores and breathe out the dark thoughts – the shadows. And now please breathe in deeply once more and out. Release everything in your body that isn't good for you. 

And while you purify through breathing, a bright, crystalline light beam comes to your crown chakra and so enters your head, into your spirit and makes this area shine. The crystalline ray expands further and further in this area, powerful and strong. Feel the energy in your body as it spreads within your skull. Become powerful. 

And I send my Amadeii energy into these parts of your brain, with a cooling and transforming effect. My Amadeii energy flows into this area and has a cooling and clarifying effect. 
Powerful and strong. Let this happen, it is good for you and for your further development. And the cooling that you are feeling at the moment, let this cooling also happen and let the coolness flow further over your bodies all the way to your feet. Transforming and clarifying you. 

While your spirit is being transformed, another energy comes from the spiritual world comes to you. It is the energy of Archangel Michael that is manifests itself behind you in your back of the head. Allow it to happen. Let it take effect in the back of your head. Powerfully and strongly, to protect you in the future from anything that might want to manipulate you. His energy acts powerfully and strongly in the back of your head, via your Crown Chakra in and around your entire head to transform your spirit and restore your reason to its original position. That position is behind the spirit, serving you and not the other way around. 

While these energies are working in your spirit, I would like to ask you to pull them from me and from Archangel Michael towards your heart chakra. Let everything that may be addressed disperse in the form of light.  And let all that should not be said because it is hurtful, disperse into love. Allow the transformation to happen and hurtful energy from the past take their leave. 

Place your hands in the area of your purified heart chakra and feel within your heart. Greet your soul and let love energy from the spiritual world flow through your hands in the form of tiny little beads into your heart center. Let it happen. 

Let these love beads spread themselves out in your heart area and become stronger, and powerful. It's pure love. Love from the spiritual world for you. Only for you. Look at the colors that are appearing before your inner eye. Look at them. They are the changed colors with which you can surround yourselves in the future. With these colors you are within the protection and work of love. The colors in front of your heart have a healing and powerful effect. 

While you are doing this, I will once again send you my Amadeii energy  via your crown chakra into your body and around your body and down to your feet. Let go. Feel the cooling transformation. Feel the transformation around your layers of aura. A huge arch around your aura, so that your aura is completely within the Amadeii energy, so the different kinds of this energy can interchange with one another from inside and outside work for you, are able to work for you, from the outermost end of the layers of aura to the inside of your body and back again to the boundaries of your aura. Cooling, transforming. Changing coolness into love.

I now invite the love beads to move from your heart chakra full of love to your layers of aura. Feel how they are tingling as they move around in your aura and find situations and places that from your karma were associated with pain and sorrow that were manifested in your aura via your ancestors. . Now they want to experience a change. Let these love beads move around and work in your layers of aura. Just for you. This is how it may be. The beads will now leave your aura. After completed the transformation, they flow beyond your aura out into the universe. 

Another beam now comes down to each one of you. It is a green ray of healing that penetrates your aura and spreads itself throughout your whole body and all your layers of aura. For you. Cool and yet healing. Loving and nevertheless strengthening. Feel the peace that is now manifesting itself in you. Feel the inner peace. Feel your call of longing for the new time. It is now manifested within you. 
Cherish this feeling of inner peace. Breathe it in deeply and then out again. Breathe it again in and out. Let this inner peace manifest itself in you so that you will no longer be misled by the shadows. Or so that at least you are not you're so accessible via your ego. Rest in your inner peace. 

Green love and healing energy now form your whole aura, right up to its outer boundaries. 
Powerful and strong. You are purified, you are healed. You are within love. And so this energy, the green color of healing, can now leave your aura and glow high into the universe. The coolness of the transformation and change, the crystalline structure, just leave for you. I am now drawing this crystalline transformation energy out of each individual body and out of the layers of aura. You are again completely in your center and completely in your love. Your spirit is undergoing change. Feel your spirit being activated. Feel a tingling sensation in your head. This is your spirit at work. It is beginning to become active again, just as is necessary for you, just as it was allowed to work for you.

While you are completely in the coolness, the coolness of clarification, I call to you: 
Recognize your value. Recognize your value in this life and do not give the shadows any chance to act within you. Take the path to inner peace that you will find through your own heart chakra, through your soul. And call on your soul to accompany you in the future with love. Please give your soul this love request. It will work for you, as powerfully as it can work. And it will accompany you, on the path to inner peace. That is the way it should be and the way it may be. 

Thank you for engaging with this. Thank you for your action and thank you for your being. And now breathe in and out deeply one more time. In and out and then now you are back in the here and now. Here in your consciousness. And do not be worried if you can still feel the coolness. This coolness is pure transformation for you. And so it may be. Find the path to inner peace. From me to you


With these channeled words from Amadeii  I wish you and your families a harmonious Christmas and peace for the New Year 2020

Ingeburg Maria Schmitz


The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.