Creator God, who for us currently can be called archangel of the new age.

The messengers. Stems from Greek and is derived from “angelos”. They are immortal forms of energy which were sent as helpers and messengers from the Creator, in order to assist all animate beings.

Ascent 2012
Energetic advance of the earth and its creatures by processes of development in love and cleaning of body, mind and soul, so that the knowledge of Atlantis can be revived and work.

A continent ceased to exist. Stands for knowledge and work in the fifth dimension.

These are centres of energy on your body. There areabout seven chakras. These are: base-chakra, sacral-chakra, solar plexus, heart-chakra, throat-chakra, third-eye-chakra and crown-chakra. Furthermore there are other main-chakras and sub-chakras, which currently attain more and more importance.

Channeling means receiving words and information from entities of the spiritual world. The medium is passing on these messages exactly like she/he has received them without evaluating or altering them.Channeling is not scientifically provable, but we can engage in the messages and experience the correctness of the answers.

Sacred Geometry
These are the five Platonic bodies: tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron, which according to Thotis found in universe in all levels of consciousness. Each level of consciousness has its own geometric shape.

Hindu way of thinking on cause and effect of actions, which affect our lives and stem from previous or current life and have to be transformed positively.

Meditation is an exercise to control thought in order to get into inner mental power and thereby to experience a journey into another level of consciousness.

A human being acting as mediator between the spiritual and the material world and transmitting information from the spiritual world.

Mer-ka-ba is an energy field around a human bodywhich by the power of thought can be brought into reverse rotation and enables a shifting of spirit and body from one world into another.

New age
In the foreground of the new age there is the desire for peace and ease for all beings and a shift into a and harmonic time. These intellectual approaches and their implementation make possible a new society in peace and harmony, which are the ultimate purpose of all current activities and cleaning of body, mind and soul.

Rei is universal energy of life.Ki is energy in ourselves.Taken together reiki is the coalescence of universal energy of life and our own energy. Besides, Reiki stands for a recovered Japanese art of healing, about 2.500 years old, which enables a balance or a healing on all levels (body, mindand soul).

Third eye
Energy field, which resides in the third-eye-chakra and enables people seeing without eyes. Clairvoyance of things which normally are hidden to the eyes.

Transition into a new age, meaning bodily and mentally transformation. Currently it is used in the sense of ascendance into the fifth dimension.

Work with energy
Transfer of vitality for healing and strengthening the body, mind and soul.