Ingeburg Maria Schmitz

After high-school and university I worked in different fields of Business Administration for a long time. During a crisis I came into contact with Reiki, first just receiving it, then learning and practicing it. Energy work became a part of my daily life.

Since then different universal energies have precisely worked on me, expanded my awareness and made me a medium able to contact the spiritual world and its information.

The universal energies also helped me to succeed in the challenges of the training and exams for alternative medicine, naturopathy and classical homeopathy. I am working as an alternative practitioner for men and animals with these methods in combination with orgontherapy, healing energy, colour energy and crystal healing.

For more than 20 years I have been in contact with Metatron, Archangel Raphael, the ascended Masters Rowena and Uriel who give their friendly support to my personal development and work. They have offered me many possibilities for alternative medical treatment which I am allowed to use for my patients.

As a channeling medium I experienced a wide variety of truths which sometimes were difficult to understand and combine with my every day life on earth. Today I live in humility with my knowledge.

Since 2009 I have been channeling messages given by Amadeii who asked me to pass them on to all people in the world.

Finally some information about my private life: I was born in 1957, since 1981 I have been married to the world’s most patient husband. We are living together with two Golden Retriever dogs who manipulate my life with all their love.

How everything started

In 2009 information and greetings entered my mind, which I could not allocate. I had not asked for information and explanation in the context of a contact to the spiritual world, nor had I opened up during an own process of transformation for energies, which I had not channeled until then.

Metatron , my permanent companion for general issues, the elevated master Uriel for medical and diagnostic questions and archangel Raphael with the elevated master Rowena are the forms of energy, with whom I am in permanent exchange, but who react only to my questions, when I directly contact them.

What is channeling?

Channeling means receiving messages in form of words and information from entities in the spiritual world. The medium is passing on these messages exactly like she/he has received them without evaluating or altering them.

There is no scientific proof of that, but we can engage in those statements and experience the correctness of the answer in the future.