We are Amadeii, exerting our influence from the star cluster of the Plejades. We are a kind of energy of the new age, aimed at earth, in order to enhance and to clear, what still has to be transformed. Our energies have not yet met with beings on earth. But now the mission that we have taken over has been renewed and we have taken a mission for you. Therefore we are ordained to make contact with Ingeburg Maria.

We are a shape of energy of the ONE, never sole, but an entity of knowledge and power. Now we are explaining for you our unity as the unity of Amadeii that will speak up for you as a complete single essence, in order to facilitate your experiences: Amadeii – my sound.

I am energy of another world, which is condensing itself, so that it will be accessible for you as a transmutation of a new energy of clearing and transformation.

In your imagination the form of an archangel is highly esteemed and you are allowed to experience me as such, as Amadeii, archangel of the new age, so that the structure of my energy and my impact on everything can be comprehended. Later on, after your comprehension is not guided by your intellect anymore but by emotion and intuition, you will be able to understand and to articulate my real kind of energy of love and power in a new way. Only then the definition of Creator is the one, which will replace the archangel. Until then, you may just call me archangel of the new age and the energy of invocation is alright and in harmony with me.

The challenge

In the time of ascension of earth it is my assignment to send the ultimate details and available information to earth, which, in view of energies and advancement of still to be transformed children of men and medical and curing preparations of healing methods, are needed in the new age. For all of us it is an exciting time, for earth and the living creatures on it. This is the same for universal energies, which for this reason are sent from all universes in order to plan this special advancement of their energies and to watch and learn, what can be experienced within this advancement.

The time after an enhancement can be thought of the time before the next enhancement. Therefore it is my challenge to guide you into the energies of the future age, into the seventh dimension. I also have to align your cells and your awareness with these energies, in order to enable you and your earth, together with your complete universe, for the transition into this dimension of ethereal spheres and lightness.