Amadeii • Processes of consciousness on the way to inner peace

Book 4 - 2019
ISBN-Nr. 978-3-7481-5494-5  BoD

This book is an enrichment for everyone who is in search of inner peace.

Amadeii, Archangel of the New Era, has accompanied the fate of kind of the world and the earth for many years as regards everything concerning the change and ascent into the 7th dimension. He makes contact with people through the medium, Ingeburg Maria, and is thus able in a helpful and loving way, but never the less with clear words, to point out what has to be done in order for change to take place.

This book is about finding inner peace and becoming aware of the mental blocks and shadows that serve to prevent inner peace. With exercises and meditations, the reader is provided with tools in the form of exercises and meditation that help him/her to not only gently recognize these processes but also to stop them.

He also talks about the origin and actions of the spirit, which has changed its function for the new age. He initiates developments of consciousness in the reader pineal glands, so that the work of the future spirit can be increased there. This process of consciousness is intensified with energetic patterns and healing stones.

Topics such as primal feelings of security, fears, symptoms of illness of the ascent and much more are described in this very intensive book as well as providing examples of assessments and resolved situations are provided in and for the new age.

Amadeii • The world in a phase of renewal

Book 3 - 2017
ISBN 978-3-95531-150-6 Smaragd-Verlag

Transformation of your emotions! Activation of self-love! Healing of the soul!

Amadeii deals in this new book with the current changes of Mother Earth and her life forms. Exercises, meditation and announcements of luminary processes, that introduce the change and development towards a universal luminary guide the reader through this process of change.

Amadeii offers very clear answers to questions concerning refugees, world peace, a political shift to the right, security in this country as well as climate change.

The book goes into great detail on angels, souls and missions for the soul as well as the division of a living being after death and the ascent of the soul.

Further topics are the ensouling of test-tube-babies, euthanasia of animals, abortion, pole shift and much more.


Amadeii • Development of consciousness in the new age

Book 2 - 2016
ISBN 978-3-95531-123-0 Smaragd-Verlag

The book is about the awareness and realization of necessary processes of change in the current 5th dimension, divided into 10 steps of purification and 10 truths of transformation which we may put into practice with ourselves until the next rise to the 7th dimension. We are made aware of externally directed energies as well as our own karma and themes with our ancestors and we are helped to work on this in guided meditations.

The energetical structure of the universe is described and its influence on our thinking and acting today and in the future is made clear.

Another topic deals with the healing methods of the future. New healing methods with selected healing stones in the 5th dimension are described and healing patterns are explained as well as the meaning of the human cell and the basic information of sound from the cell up to the universe. Further topics like organ transplantation, specific details about our universe and contact to alien universes complete the knowledge about the new age. Some selected channelings and questions answered by Amadeii explain details of our current feelings, thinking and acting.

The core thesis and difference to other books is the preparation for the rising to the 7th dimension.

This channeled book is completely transmitted by the energy being Amadeii (= energy of the new age) and is addressed to spiritually interested people who are open to messages from the spiritual world, meditations and alternative healing methods.

Amadeii • The new age

Informations about universe

Book 1 - 2012
ISBN 978-3-844853391   BOD

The book “Amadeii” answers many questions, which affect me and most of us. Issues like forthcoming transformations in the society, in religion, in medicine and illnesses, in our healthcare, in agriculture, in our families and in our economy will be illustrated and possibilities of solution in the next dimension will be shown. Furthermore the new age, the forthcoming development of all creatures on earth included, will be explained. These and many more issues are explained in this book that was channelled by me.