Inner Peace

Amadeii-Channeling at the fair Gelsenkirchen (02.10.2016)

Trust your intuition

Love to you, dear children of men, being united here in this room today. I honor you, I welcome you and I am full of joy to be with you here today. In my being, in my radiant light, I would like to tell you that one of the most precious things in your life often is not recognized by you. One of the most valuable things in your life is not seen and lived by you.

This valuable aspect of your life is the inner peace, the inner peace for you mentally, physically and spiritually. The inner peace means harmony, means love - and only for yourself, not for others. Those ones who can feel inner peace inside themselves and are living it, are full of light and peace. Peace is one of the most valuable aspects you are able and allowed to live. Peace for you also means that you are at peace with yourself and accept yourself the way you are.

Accepted in that way you can feel right now here in this room, without any prejudices and condemnation of yourself. Accept yourself the way you are, recognize your brilliance, do not condemn yourself, do not compare yourself with other people. You are unique the way you are here right now. And your soul wants to live together with you exactly this life, that is how it is planned.

And because of this do not admit any judgements to your mind that could tell you that you are not good, too thick, too thin, not intelligent enough and energetically not far enough developed. Believe me, sentences like this are made to get you down intentionally. And believe me, all of you sitting here, I can see your brilliance, the light of your soul, the radiance of your spirit, I can see your aura around your body. It is all light and radiance, it is all one, exactly the combination wanted by the One and your soul.

If only you could see the light of your soul and mind, the brilliance of your aura, never again you would condemn yourself. You are unique. Believe me. Take one deep breath in and out and allow my message to go into your body. You are light and radiation, you are unique here on this earth. Your light is shining to the outside and reaching other people around you as well as animals, plants, every living creature around you.

I call upon you to let develop this shining inside you more and more. Let it shine to the outside to change the world around you. Right now this is one of your duties, to change your environment with your shining light, to let flow love and light to your environment. A harmony, developing inside you has to shine to the outside. Especially during the current difficult times love, harmony, inner peace and outer peace are some of the most valuable things you may feel for yourself as well as radiating them to the outside.

All the rebellious thoughts in this new age that overtake your thoughts, politics, asylum seekers, unemployment, diseases - all these are energies that want to get you down. Do not allow those energies to be strong and powerful. I want to tell you that every disease has its own reason and when you are able to find the cause of your disease you will be able to eliminate it in love with the help of the spiritual world. If unemployment is affecting your thoughts and you are feeling sad, I tell you , be humble and ask the spiritual world for help and let them know that you are willing to take that job which is right for you in this situation. Trust that the door will open for you.

Another is the peace of the family which is a resonance between you and your family members. If there is a dissonance, be willing to send loving thoughts and energies to the person being in disharmony. Doing so, you can let go these energies of disharmony so they do not burden and stress you yourself. Also topics relating to current politics, e.g. refugees, are no reason for having feelings of hatred because you will not lack anything.

But beware of all those people who want to stoke up these feelings of hatred. Be critical and ask yourself: Does it do any harm to me if a refugee comes to Germany? Does it change my personal life? If you are honest to yourself, you will say ‘no, but…’. And this ‘but’ in your thoughts I want to release. Yes, people came to your country, they exploited your support and stirred up some trouble. Yes, there are also some people who are not so nice and friendly.

But this also has its advantages. Your state, working like a mother for you, pays more attention to this now and takes more care for your protection. So this had to happen before because without any intense crisis there will not be any change.

This change in your thoughts was necessary to show the energies of the new age. I ask you to be critical with all the outside influences, no matter how they reach you. Do not believe everything, trust your intuition and you will be guided. Your intuition is your guide for your inner peace. And inner peace is what everybody is longing for. Inner peace lets you shine and helps you to change yourself.




The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.