Together not against each other

Amadeii, how has the Brexit been able to happen? 
What do we have to learn from it?

Peace into your hearts. Everything has a meaning and everything had been planned just like it happened. But the deep meaning of it you will understand much later. I tell you that the deeper purpose of Europe and its union had not been in its truth and love for a longer time. A lot of selfishness and unique selling propositions were made the first priority, were demanded and practised in the last time. It had become necessary to make an example reminding Europe what its real values are and its true way is.

The ultimate goal for mankind is working together in love and not selfishly against each other. That is absolutely necessary for an ascent into higher spheres of the new age and to avoid any damage for the higher spirit beings. The way you are thinking and working right now means a danger for the beings of higher dimensions and that also means an ascent for you is quite far away.

But by the current happenings caused by the Brexit a wave of changing one’s views and rethinking will go through the European Union. We wish you to reach this goal. Often things have to be carried to an extreme to start a change. That has happened by this situation.

The consequences will become more and more obvious and show you that unilateral action has got no value at all for the future. The countries and people who had and have the same idea will think about it again and recognize the value of community.

For the political leadership of the EU it is important to understand that not everything went the way it would have been desirable. It is very important to see that the leadership has to act with love and not by using power and repressive measures. Not everything can be well-ordered, often letting things happen in love is more regulative and valuable. A great deal of rules and a maximum of love and letting things develop is the goal for the future and makes rethinking necessary.

The loser can also be a winner. Great Britain will be changing and dissolving from the inside. The children are leaving their mother, turning away and looking towards other values which are more important for them and their development. Separation, abandonment and contempt are the future tributes which will split the country.

Not the former members of the EU are going to divide and destroy, but the children of this country will do it to break up and change structures of the past. London will be growing progressively weaker and its wonderful times will belong to the past. This process will be going on until there will be a shift in people’s thinking towards cooperation, integration and togetherness which is needed for the future, for the new age.

All the souls that made themselves available for this profound change and accusation in their own country need our and your loving thoughts during their process of separation and change. It will be difficult times, but a dissolving in love will lead the later future to the higher levels of the 5th dimension.

All you other light beings, I call upon you, recognize the value of togetherness and being there for each other. Let flow compassion and loving attention for other people into your hearts. That enables you a development towards ascension. Be in love. Recognize the light of the One in all people. Practise togetherness. This is what you have to learn.

Peace into your hearts. Amadeii


The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.