Announcement of Amadeii on the current situation on 29.04.2020

Peace in your life in love

Peace and freedom to you and your thoughts. Be at peace and trust in the spiritual energies that are presently working for you and your Earth.

Trust and calm are important factors that you may allow to prevail in your mind, as you otherwise will attract and nurture the energies of the shadows. Enter into love and togetherness. Take each other by the hand and be a united front against the shadows that are giving you such a hard time at the moment. Enter into caring, intellectual dissolution of the actions of the shadows. You are allowed to do this at present to build up your energies in peace.

Have trust that the shadows do not have much strength left and so will be nipped in the bud. They will repeatedly try to rise up again you but you are, together, stronger.

Trust that the light will always triumph over the shadows.

Trust that you will always be looked after by the light of the One. For you, who work in love are his light.

I already told you what happened in the previous announcement. Now is the time when the rising of the shadows is extreme. They want to eliminate you and your rights and enslave you. They want to exercise control over you and use you like working animals for their own good and interest. They want to reduce you to the lowest level of humanity, to break your will completely, only maintaining your human life functions.

However, they do not recognize that many of you are already aware and with every one of your activities, another becomes aware. So please continue to act until your light shines on all and the new time can begin.

We know it will not be easy for you with all that is yet to come. The fiercest battle is still to be fought. But trust that the light will prevail. You will triumph in the light. You will be the future. And all shadows and their deeds will dissolve into love.

Come together in this time. Stay in a mutual exchange without endangering yourselves. When you meet, give each other the warmth that you otherwise exude without needing to fear infection. We have reduced the danger of the pathogen to a minimum, so that fear does not need to be so prevalent here. But please always do this without endangering yourself by being recognized by the shadows. When you are outside, don’t be very visible. Stay inconspicuous for the time being until the call for public protest comes. Question your soul again and again.  It will know when the time is right.

You have incarnated yourselves for this time here to be the warriors of the light and to fight in love for a New Age.

Wake up, recognize the time, go into the transformation, until you are the future.

These words from me to you are the symbol of the final battle that is now taking place. Awaken yourself and awaken other people in their thoughts through enlightenment,

Get in touch with your soul and let it guide you. Do not be afraid, you have all the tools you need for this time, you only have to recognize them. Ask your soul and your spirit to make this tool clear to you.

There will be ups and downs, but you stand as solid as a rock and you will strengthen and uphold the light. Trust in your powers and your light. You are aware and that is the most important aspect besides love that can bring you into the radiance at present. Work in love, work powerfully in the light, be love.

You are protected and you are able to recognize the shadows and outshine them.


We are with you and act for you in love.




The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.