Avoid the shadows

Recognize the precious work of the soul and the guardian angel

Avoid the shadowsGreetings, children of men, full of joy and love I recognize you here in this room. I welcome you and honour you because your light comes to me so bright and shining and I recognize you in your essence. Full of joy I am speaking to you today to let you know what is important for you, only for you. At the moment you are distracted from your way, drifted away from your way and your task because your love is leaving you quite often at the moment. That is why I have to tell you today, recognize that your love is the most precious thing in your life.

Your love, which is presenting your inner peace, is shaken, your love, which is challenged in many ways at the moment, is flickering less and less. I will show you what is important for you now. Recognize what you are doing, recognize your being. You, who are working in the fields of others, you, who are proving in the fields of many others, you are influenced by many energies that want to manipulate you. Look at it clearly and do not allow those energies to influence you.

Be careful with those energies that are not good for you. Go into your intuition because your intuition is animated by your soul and the light of your soul is flowing to your intuition again and again. And so your first impression, your first feeling is what you may follow. Then you are safe and protected because your soul knows what is good for you. Your soul is helping you to find your way by your intuition, the way you have already chosen in many, many times before. And your soul is allowed to show you by your emotions what is good for you and what is not.

But pay attention, take care of the subtleinformation of your soul, listen to it, feel it and do not let it be overlayed by your reason. Your reason tries to control all this so that your intuition does not become too strong. Please recognize that your reason is instilled and acquired. Recognize that your reason wants to take you away from the way which really is good for you. Recognize that these are temptations which are also used by the shadows. By your reason that is forcing your thoughts, you are taken away from your love, you are vulnerable in many ways in your life then. The world of duality not being in its light tries to reach you by your reason.

And that is the point you have to say stop. Stop, only my soul has got the permission to work for me. Only my soul is allowed to speak for me.

But there still is another energy in your body which may work for you helpfully. This energy is your constant companion by your side, from your birth until the end of your present being. This companion is your guardian angel. Your guardian angel working together with your soul are your energies you can ask for help when you are in need, when you do not know what is right or wrong. Because your guardian angel is highly developed, very often it changed its role. But it will be there for you with exactly those energies you are needing at that time. And your soul has also developed for you or changed its role when you had finished a part of your development.

The energy of your soul is always current and clear, powerful and honest with you. You recognizing this is my wish today, that you learn to accept this most valuable aspect in yourselves, that you let it work for you. Only your soul and your guardian angel are your true and loving companions in yourselves and close around you.

Furthermore there are many other companions that stay in the background and only become active when they are needed or you have called them. But in case you contact those forms of energy, please make sure that only the highest energies of truth are working on you. This protection is a necessary condition so that no shadows can reach out for you.

At the moment these shadows are very strong around you because they can feel that the earth, nature and all living beings are in a process of change towards light which no longer can be stopped. And all shadows are afraid of this process because everybody is dreaming of a positive development in love and light and nobody wants a barrier or step backwards.

Therefore, I warn you here in that place, avoid shadows, forbid all shadows. Even early in the morning when you get up, greet the light and do not allow the shadows to reach you, forbid them. Whenever you meet other people and have the feeling it is not good to be with them, ban this effect and say that only the highest energies of truth are allowed working on you. You are protected then for the whole day until darkness comes in the evening. That is the time shadows like to become active because in the darkness they cannot be seen. This is the time for banning the shadows when they try to reach you. Say again and again I am a child of the light, I am light. Under this protection it will be possible to strengthen and to live your love and to nourish your intuition with this love which will be demanded further on.

I also point to the current events in Europe which are in your thoughts right now. Recognize the danger for your love in this situation, recognize what the shadows should do with your reason. Go into your love and open your hearts at places where you can help and forbid the shadows when you feel energies that are not good for you. You are allowed to do both and both is working for you but in the first place my appeal to you is, let love work.



The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.