Channelling with Amadeii on 19.11.2020 on the current situation

Amadeii, what can you tell us about the current situation? We can hardly bear what is happening around us anymore.

Focus on love and trust. Everything is going according to plan and has a purpose. We from the spiritual world have uncovered the shadows: exposed, unmasked and weakened them, so that you human children need have no more worries and fears.

The dark only seems to be operating but is no longer in the universal power. They are simply the last spasms of a dying energy, nothing more. Even if you see and regard them as insulting and destructive.

Everything will be revealed in the near future. The light is already visible and then the redemption and the time of peace and love, the time that will heal all your wounds to your soul will come. Keep going, it is worth it.

You have worked hard and now you recognize that the Christimas celebrations and this time, namely the turn of the year, indicate an important point in time for an improvement to begin.

Have trust. Once again, there is a violent rebellion of evil, similar to a toothless lion. Prepare yourself for it. Above all, stay inside where you are safe so that the evil cannot seize you. In the dark times evil is usually on the move so as to destroy whatever still contains a breath of light.

Protect yourself by staying in rooms where you feel safe. Prepare yourselves for a short period of deprivation. After that, the light will blossom in love.

Have trust, the worst is now over.


Amadeii, what about the vaccination against the coronavirus?

There will be no vaccination that can cause you harm. Let go of your fear. We are counteracting it.

Amadeii, will there be a new, more dangerous virus?

That will not happen either. We will neutralize all evil that might be used against you.

Trust and go into love. Peace in your hearts and confidence in the light.





The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.