Christmas Greetings 2017

Hallelujah to all of you, you, who are entangled in your fears right now. Recognize the chances you have got at the moment and let yourself in on changes in love. Let go your old entanglements and worries and go your way into a new era of clarification without any blame and worries. Everything will be fine, no matter how hopeless it seems to be right now. First of all concentrate on yourself and let go everything that is not good for you. Hold on the basic values of your being and faith on the one light that will be guiding you.

Lightful peace to your hearts



With this channeling from Amadeii I wish you and your families a calm christmas and peace for the new year 2018.

Yours, Ingeburg Maria Schmitz


The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way