Clearing and cleaning your physical being

Live-channelling with healing meditation at  27.10.2013

released at healer´s fair at bookstore Isensee in Gelsenkirchen

Full of joy I recognize you in this room and your intentions to learn about what will be transformed for you in the future and how you can act for you, just for you, in the future. In the future you will be the centre of your intentions and of your path through life. The first thing following your intentions on your path will be the clearing and cleaning of your physical being.

Manifold are the inveiglements, which can harm your bodies. Manifold are all those things, which you inflict upon yourselves and which are not in their energetic truth. Therefore I tell you: In the future, the home of your soul, your body, will be the sphere in which the healings of the new age will happen.  

Therefore look for food, which is in pureness. Look for food, which is free of suffering and free of presentiment of death. Look for food, which is far away from manipulation and restructuring. These are manipulated messages, which have been put into food by men und are recognized and fought by your own cells, so that you can live again in pureness. In the first place you should keep your bodies clean, because this is one of the most important healing processes you can initiate yourselves. Go into the healing of your bodies and recognize that nourishment is not only for being sated, but nourishment is also for letting new energy into your cells. Your bodies are a marvel, an interaction of all the different cells in your body. Help these cells, so that they can swing with you in harmony. Help these cells to activate in you the metabolism, so that you are feeling fine. Food and liquidness are very important for your bodies and they are the first step of your future healing.

A further step of the future healing is the recognition, which remedies should heal you. Recognize your problems, which come in the form of chemical pharmaceuticals into your bodies. This too is an issue, which will have to be taken care of. Unfortunately medical science has not advanced far enough, so that they are open to discuss this issue. But many more lights will flare up, which will occupy themselves with remedies. Recognize that you are the ones who decide, what is good for you. You are the ones, who decide, what to give your body for nourishment. You are entitled to be a responsible citizen. Last but not least, you are entitled to decide which remedies you give to your bodies.

A further process in the context of new healing methods is avoiding noxae. At this point I cannot help smiling. The child of men, via this I speak to you, likes noxae, too and is leaning to drink a glass of red wine. But trust my words and realise, that all those noxae obscure your mind. First go into the state of moderation. You need not abstain from everything at once. Reduce consuming alcohol, nicotine and drugs of any kind. Otherwise you will become subject of energies, which are not well minded. Think about reducing to a measure, which will give you pleasure, but which is within limits. This is the third step of all the healing processes, which can be activated in your bodies and in your minds.

A further step of changing will be found in your surroundings. Recognize the places, in which you are living. Recognize your surroundings and the radiation within. You will not feel and see this energetic radiation, which can manipulate your minds. Your minds are surrounded by multiple radiations, which permanently start high frequent scanning and interfere with the cells of your nerves. Do not forget these spheres, because they inflict your actions heavily.

Ask yourselves: “What do I really need in this life? Is it necessary to be attainable all the time or is it possible to reduce my attainability to some hours a day?” Be careful in using the World Wide Web and those radiations. My recommendation: Place a piece of rose quartz between you and your computer. Rose quartz protects you from these radiations by deflecting them from you and by focusing on itself. This way it can save you from these radiations. You cannot see them, but they are very strong and are able to destruct. This is an important array for the process of healing you, which has to be activated for the next advancement. And there is something else that is really very important for you. Not only the radiation, not only food, but also your minds gets into conflict by anger and grief again and again.

At this point I want to lead you into a healing meditation. It will free you from grief, anger and discord, so that you can move around and breathe freely again.

Meditation: Please start inhaling and exhaling deeply. Inhale fresh energy into your body, into your cells and exhale consciously used up energy and noxae. Inhale and exhale deeply and while you are concentrated and clear, a bright light will come from above over your head. This clear light, shaped like a pyramid, enters your bodies and embraces them like a shelter. You will feel a slight chill. Chill is clearing – do not be afraid. Let this energetic light work for you. Let clearness enter your bodies, let clearness enter your minds, let clearness flow into your souls. This triangle will now be filled with all colours that are important for you at this moment. Look at the colours, which are now inside your own triangle. Look at them and let them take effect on you. These colours shrink together to a ball of energy, flow up to your third eye, to your forehead and will enter there. Let the colours take effect on your minds. A slight pressure in your head is a welcome symptom – do not be afraid. Now the colours are taking effect on your minds. They are circling and curling in your central nervous system and loosening every mental experience that is blocking you out and obstructing you. Let the circle in your head spin for you, without any fear. Now pull that ball down to your solar plexus. It is the area above your navel. Let the ball with all its colours spin there for you. Let your emotions, which have concentrated there – emotions like grief, anger, sorrows and harm – be released there and bid farewell. Inhale deeply into this area, inhale into your solar plexus and exhale deeply. Exhale all your grief. Let your coloured ball of energy flow deep into you – to your inner child. It is in the area beneath your navel. I greet every inner child and say: “The time of suffering has gone. You have every right to bid farewell to your pains. You have every right to arrange your lives as you like it and to follow your own path through life. It is your quest to live and walk your path.” Maybe you can watch your inner child and first and foremost recognize the colours of the crystal ball and watch them changing. Let them influence you. Feel a chilly wind. The chill is good for you. Allow the chill to transform and do not worry. Now I am lifting the ball of energy into the centre of your heart, into the home of your soul. I greet the soul of everyone of you. I am very thankful for the opportunity to contact you today. I spin the ball of energy in the sphere of your heart in order to loosen your soul of its sorrows and grief. Feel that your soul can be unfettered, let it happen. Furthermore I let mother Maria´s energy flow into your heart. Mother Maria, the mother of love. Additionally let her heal your soul, which is manifested in grief. Let the light of your souls work in direction of the right side of your breast. There you should let work mother Maria´s love and the coloured crystalline ball. There is the sphere of self-love, which is poorly developed in many people. And I tell you: Develop your self-love. Allow self-love to grow in your bodies, because now is your time, in which you are important – only you. You are allowed to enhance your self-love more and more. Give your self-love endless energy. And say to yourselves: “I have every right to care for myself, I have every right to care for myself. This is not selfishness. I have every right to care for myself.” Now I am pulling the ball of energy up, just in front of your bodies. Involve yourselves completely and your auras will ablaze in the colours of the coloured crystalline ball. Now you are perfect light. In this light I enclose my Amadeii-love, clearing and transforming above your head and into your bodies. Feel the chilly crystalline energy. Again I send my Amadeii-love above your head and into your body and clear and clean whatever is ready to be cleared and cleaned. Again I send my energies above your heads and into your bodies. Admit many situations and experiences to say goodbye to you. You are worthy of getting into your love and your light. Your light is already shining very brightly. Full of joy I recognize the light of each of you here in this room. It is an honour for me to be allowed to speak and act for you. Once more I send my Amadeii-love above your head and into your body. Now I manifest a little aspect in your souls, so that in the future, starting from your soul, with the help of my energies, a stimulus for transformation can emanate to you and transformation can happen whenever you are in need of one. Now Maria´s energies vanish from this energetic shelter. The crystal ball retires from the pyramid and the energies fly away back into the universe. The crystalline pyramid, which guarded you, starts turning clockwise. It rotates very slowly around your souls, in order to start your cells functioning once again very softly. Let it be. All that is only for you. The energetic triangle is rising, onwards and onwards and is bidding you farewell. You are fully back in the here and now and in this room. Be trustful that this little chill, which is vibrating in your body, can take influence on you for a long time. Do not worry. It is fixed in you and shall work for you. Now you will experience a little pressure in your head. It is an aftermath of an extension of spheres of your brain, which I have activated for you. Admit it in love, without any worry. This is my present for you, because your development and your healing will be my mission for the future. I thank you, children of men, go on acting in the light.



The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.