Clearing your shady sides

Extract of the live channelling held at the “Rainbow Spirit”-fair in Karlsruhe

Recognize which parts of you have to be transformed. Recognize what you still have to clear and to clean. Watch out for what is coming to you. See the light and see the shadows. Confront the shadows, which illustrate your problems here and now and in the past, too.

Your shady sides are a part of you and you are your shady sides. Your shady sides will have to work for you. Where is light, there will be shadow, too. Therefore we have to accept everything positively in order to get into clearing.

There are energies, which act in the empire of shadow in order to illustrate transformations for you. Should there be such a shadow, which acts in your surroundings, you are able to recognize it, even if it takes days, weeks, months or, sometimes, years. Consciously look at these issues, which you can see now clearly. These issues, which are disclosed to you like always returning shadows, have the task to clarify what you still have to clear.

These shadows act in different variations. They can be people, which will cross your paths of life. They can be situations, which can illustrate things to be seen distinctly. Sometimes they can be books, sometimes emotions. The shadows, which come to you, are manifold.

Look at them closely. Try to recognize, what it is, that should be illustrated to you. Look very closely. Please do not ignore it. It is all about you, your development and the development of the planet earth und your whole universe. Have a look at the shadows. Do not get impatient, even if you cannot understand, why this or that is crossing your path of life and why emotionally you are still in this area. Look at it.

This is the first step, which on this stage of the new age is meant to be the first step on the course to sublimation. When you are able to recognize that this issue is close to you, please go into this emotion. Embrace this emotion. Embrace this shadow, which is a part of you. Do not be shy and do not foster thoughts of condemnation. Look closely and embrace your shadows in the awareness, that they are a part of you that wants to be bidden farewell.

This process too, needs a longer time to be completed. The recognition by itself is no evidence that you are ready to accept this issue, this shadow and this emotion. Dance with your shadow. Let it grow to a conscious part of you. You will find out that you are a unity. Go into your shadow with your light. Take light into the situation and the shadow will be cleared. Now you have taken the second step of sublimation.

Letting go the shadow is the third part of sublimation. Just getting conscious of the shadow is a big step ahead. But this “I accept you in the way you have worked in me and now, dear shadow, there is no more room and no more time for you” is a very difficult part of letting go the shadow and not needing it anymore. Let go! Having gone that step of sublimation you may get the feeling of easiness.

The fourth step of sublimation is bidding farewell to this shadow forever by transforming it totally into light and shadow will turn into light. From this moment on the shadow has now power anymore. From this moment on this issue will not be reflected anymore for you. You are letting go! This shadow will never exert influence on you again.

If you have advanced in these four steps of sublimation in order to see your shadow, to clear it, to let go and to bid farewell, so you can be proud of, because you succeeded in transforming a very important issue.

But do not be mistaken believing it is the end of your quest. Other shadows will surface with other issues that are in your life. Therefore start confronting every shadow, which is bothering you on your paths of life full of joy. Those shadows, which will show up in the coming 20 years, are there in order to prepare you for the next stage, which is total love and light and will work highly transforming.

Thereby you will not endanger those beings, who already live in that spheres and already have gotten rid of their shadows. If you have bidden farewell to your own shadows of this life, there will be still shadows from incarnations of the past, which will show you the shady sides of your souls from former lives. They, too want to be seen, cleared, let go and bidden farewell.

There are many issues for you. After having dealt with your own former lives, there will be the energies and shadows of your ancestors. Your ancestors passed many issues to you. These issues can be found in the information, hidden in your cells, in your souls, in your physical bodies and in your auras. It is desirable that you get a grip of the issue of your ancestors with your mind. Do not forget to become aware of it and execute clearings with your minds, so that the shadows of your ancestors will fully enter your consciousness.

The next step in clearing the ancestors will be manifested in your cells. The structures and the information of your cells will be transformed. The information that passed from Grandma, Grandpa, from all ancestors of your family down to you, will consciously surface as information, illnesses and blockades, so that you will be aware of the shadows of the past.

At this point, apply the four steps of sublimation. After having gone through that process, start clearing with your soul. All the traumata, which your soul has endured, will be transformed to love. This is the quest of your soul.

Accept everything in love, transform it into love, bid farewell in love and let go. This way everything will be easy. After your souls have been cleaned in the process of love, your issues will be turned outside, well through your physical skins to the point of your auras. This is the moment, in which your auras will change in its layers and form a unity of all that. Remember that this unity enables you to heal in the future, what currently is not possible for you.

Hallelujah Amadeii


The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.