Current issues

Current issues, which become obvious in most of you – food, manipulation and the issue of ancestors.

I, Amadeii, energy of the new age, tell you: Wake up und recognize all issues, which currently cross your ways – be it in your private, job-related, social or political lives –, the whole purpose and the call to transformation.

Everything will be uncovered, as it has been said before and everything will be visible what has been hidden before. Just keep care of yourselves and your ethical values when you are experiencing and discovering something new. Do not condemn and do not prejudge.

You yourselves have created the possibilities of failure. And failure can catch you unprepared. Then you will hope for a mild judgement and acceptance. Look at the issues that currently concern you and recognize your future paths in what you understand about these issues.

Currently the most important issues are scandals about food (e.g. the scandal of horsemeat, that has not been declared at the wrapping). Please recognize the real meaning of it. First there are people, who want to earn money with their products and by that they want to produce more and earn more money, so that they boost their worth in money and their wealth. Money and greed are the issues, which become obvious but must not be condemned by you. It is you, who in the first place enable such a greed for money and such actions. You want to get everything fast and cheaply. You do not mind the value of energy, which you are giving to your bodies, but what you want in the first place is consumption, enjoyment and mostly everything that is cheap in the supermarket. This is what you want and the producers react accordingly.

In many of my messages I have told you about the food chain and the quality of nourishment. Feed yourselves well and basically with local and fresh products. This way you can prevent manipulations from other regions. Likewise avoid products, which are bearing information of death, like fish and meat. You may eat them as long as you desire them, but only in moderation. Here is the reason: Animals had to be killed for your desire and the information of death is still in the meat that you consume.

Be your own judges and change the necessity of quantity and occurrence to a date of honour. Have this food only at special occasions. Please recognize that the consumption of animals honours the product. Leave the idea of quantity – your bodies and your cells will present you with healthiness.

Furthermore process food that does not have to be transported long distances. Right in your neighbourhoods there should be agricultural holdings. Look at those products and start making friends with them. The products of your regions are your products of the future, precious and of high quality, fresh and from your region. Please teach to prefer henceforth this quality. You should feel worth it.

Healing, especially healing with herbs has to be mentioned in this context, too. Become acquainted with herbs from your closer surroundings, grown in the nature and very effective. Be careful with herbs, which your body is not used to, because they typically do not grow in your regions. Every civilization has its own medicinal herbs, which have effect on the cells of the beings living there.

In this case, too, be very careful what you consume. I do not want to talk about your chemical remedies, which you call medicaments. I will talk about them, after the intentions of the pharmaceutical industry have been disclosed and I am able to illustrate some details. But this will happen before long.

Another important and current issue is your social engagement. You react and act with published occurrences, evaluate, condemn and judge. But listen closely to me. If something does not concern you, you should be very careful with your thoughts. Your thoughts are able to attract such actions. Everyone among you has already failed at least once in a time. Reveal your own actions and misdeeds and do not look at others. Only then you are ready for cleaning. Also call into question all information that find their way to you by media, by magazines or by verbal communication. In these information there is a lot of manipulation and purposeful intention. Sometimes information is slightly forged, sometimes totally manipulated or facts have been altered or omitted.

Pay attention to behaviour. He who shouts and condemns loudest, will be heard and very often the reasons are manipulative intentions. Pay attention. Do not allow to be manipulated. Become politically mature and be self-reliant and consciously thinking beings. Only form an opinion about someone or something if you have consciously witnessed it before. Listen to information. But beware of condemning. Recognize the intention of what has been said and also recognize, who is saying what and the reason why. Become clairaudient. Do not allow to be manipulated by others anymore. You are the scapegoats for your surroundings, for the society and for the politics. If you recognize that, their intentions will fall on infertile soil and the effects will crepitate. Wake up, change your thinking and your acting and do not allow to be manipulated.

Here is another very important information concerning the current physical and mental situations of some of you. Again, a feeling of dizziness is manifesting itself in your existence that is derogating and consternating you. By medical diagnostics nothing will be detected, but nevertheless it is existent. Be in peace with these symptoms. They will elapse after the last synapses in your mental sphere are inserted at the higher stage of the fifth dimension. Currently the active capacity of your brain is increased and you have still to adapt yourselves to the ethereal heightening. Part of it is sometimes a kind of dizziness, which is consternating you and making you twitchy. Accept it lovingly and recognize the intention in these symptoms.  

Another step, you still have to tackle, is to establish contact with your ancestors, which currently is imposing on you very heavily. In this era the issue of your ancestors is in the front row and wants to be completed. First you start with the issues of your parents and your grandparents that can be completed. Thereafter confront the issues of you ancestors of the past, back to the energies of the ancestors of the beginning, from whom you have received your basic issue. Be ambitious and engage in the solution of these issues. It will be worthwhile und bring you freedom after the inherited liabilities have been bidden farewell.

So may it be and so it has been planned. Face your tasks and your current issues, which are manifold. Start with your food and the recognition of manipulations. After that you will be ready for the issues with your ancestors. Everything is flowing and everything will turn up, as soon as you are ready.




The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.