Failure and love

A precious aspect of the new age: the inner peace

The precious aspects of the new age will unfold themselves in all their facets and can be experienced in different learning steps.

Failures of the past that have not been in love will be illustrated to you in examples until you recognize that every failure shall take you into consciousness and transformation.

The acceptance of yourselves, without any failure or evaluation, is very important in your lives. You cannot fail if you bid farewell to failure and evaluation, which take you into comparing.

Failure means to have failed or to have missed something, but it does not mean that in your being there has happened something worthless. Look at you failure and recognize what you have missed and then ask yourselves, how you can bring back the failure into your lives and transform it. Failure is emptiness and emptiness should be filled with experience, knowledge and transformation that is filling it with actions in love.

Henceforth learn how to fill everything with experiences and actions in love, so that failure will be a part of the past. Also recognize that failure is always implicating evaluation. “You failed” or “I failed”. What is the scale, by which you are measuring yourselves after these statements? Then ask yourselves, if this “failure” would have been regarded as a failure in another country, in another society, in the context of other social structures, too. Look closely at your failure, without evaluation and start a structural itemization. Had it been a conscious action, had it been a careless action without reflecting on it, had it been an emotional impulse, had it been a conditioned behaviour or had it been a defensive reaction? What had led to your failure, what should it have been good for? What should you learn by it?

Recognize the reason of your reactions in these evaluations and in the obvious recognition of the whys behind your behaviour. After you are clear on yourselves and recognize consciously what is behind your behaviour, accept yourselves lovingly and clear the value of your behaviour yourselves.

Clear on yourselves, if it really was a failure or if it is just regarded by evaluation as such. Realize that you are an individual and work like you think it is good for your actions, without harming or hurting other creatures. You are beings, capable of development, who by failures as you call them regrettably, can inspire a process of learning and thereby you are able and allowed to enter transformation.

If you evaluate or condemn yourselves after having failed, say a joyful halleluiah. Say hallelujah and be thankful for another opportunity to learn and to go another step on your path. You should walk your way step by step and each step, no matter how it is taken, will guide you to the next step of your development. Learn from it that failures can be regarded fondly and positively, if you really recognize and bid farewell to them, so that in future situations of transformation will be induced, which is good for you and your togetherness with the creatures around you.

At all steps of failure look at each other lovingly and be thankful for having the possibility to induce another learning process. Learn and love yourselves in all of your steps, because they will guide you into transformation. When you are in transformation and loving yourselves, you will come closer to the most valuable part in you, the inner peace, which will complete and comply you in the consciousness to be able to live a life, lovable and worth living, so that you can bring peace into your inner selves step by step.

If peace is shining so intensely that your surroundings can feel the peace in you, this spark will radiate to other creatures, too and grow stronger and stronger.

Be such a spark of inner peace and the transformation will be valuable for your surroundings. For the new age that is now manifesting in you, the inner peace is the most precious process in you, which you can gain and which is necessary for your future in the new energies.




The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.