Find peace

Recognize the shadows trying to mislead you Currently you are strained from fears and doubts

You are shaken up and required to experience your deepest emotions torturing you, wavering to and fro and doubting your love.

You are beings of peace and love and this peace and love in yourselves is presently disappearing very quickly because of all what is happening around you. Your peace is disturbed by current reports and discussions you cannot escape. At the same time your love towards your fellow human beings coming close to you is disappearing. You feel disturbed in your inner peace even by different opinions and ideas being around you although no human being with different beliefs has so far touched you personally. You are generalizing and evaluating without noticing what is good and what is acting influenced by shadows.

Please, watch closely what this is doing to you: recognize the discord being produced deliberately by the shadows in yourselves. Recognize the intention behind and try to stabilize your inner peace again. Be open for joy and human solidarity. Let love grow again to get back your inner balance. Find back your way to humanity and togetherness within love.

That is the only way you can recognize and dissolve this process which is stirring up you, your country and your planet earth at the moment. Avoid energies that can lead to destruction, not only for the human beings but also for the wonderful nature. Recognize that your dark and negative energies are also radiating to Mother Earth and are weakening her process of ascending into the next dimension. Recognize this and get healed in your thoughts and doings. And heal your surroundings, heal their fears and negative, unfriendly thoughts. Send loving energies into the world, to the places of cruelty , to the people who are suffering, but also to the torturers to make them recognize their cruel deeds. Send loving energies to every dark place in the world, to Mother Earth and high up to the universe so that planet earth as an energy field in – between can recover and get back its harmony and power which is in danger of slipping away.

Only through love you are able to handle this situation, only through love you are able to recognize and let go the shadows which try to manipulate you as well, only through love you are able to support your spiritual development towards the 7th dimension. Here in the 7th dimension everything is equal and one, everything is in love and everything and everyone is taken care of, no matter which energy or beliefs he or it belongs to.

Find your way out of this intellectual and emotional chaos back into love. Recognize that the things happening around you are a test for you and your way into the new age you are aiming at. Show yourself worthy of going this way. Peace into your hearts and live your inner peace.



The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.