In peace with everyone who thinks differently

Amadeii, please tell us the reason why the controversies between people who believe in different religions, are surfacing so violently nowadays.

Be sure, it is a kind of cleaning and clearing of the old patterns of manipulation and influence. What is religion for you nowadays? Is it the profound desire to worship the Creator? Is it still the reverence for everything that is not explicable or is it a relict from the past, a means to boost subjection and repression?

Nowadays people show in a complicated and drastic way that religion, as it is exercised in your world, has nothing in common with love and cooperation and connection with the Creator anymore. Much more, religion is abused as a means to express selfish interests and for many potential aggressors and squealers it is a vehicle to lead people into a field of armament and destruction.

On both extreme sides hurting others is intentional and those, who are willing to do it, jump the bandwagon of this spark of destruction and offense. One side willingly hurts and provokes, the other side willingly hurts and destroys in favour of its own wellbeing and implementation of its own intentions. Find out about the intentions of both sides – of aggressors and annihilators. Both sides want to hurt and manipulate.

For everyone who is in love it is important to realize, what the intention behind it really is and not the deliberate provocation that should be in the foreground – much more it should be the cooperation of people. Realize what is in common and realize that in the name of religions too many crimes have happened, which were followed by destruction and suppression.

In the mirror of their actions one can easily recognize the malpractice of the European world; the misdoings of the crusaders or of the Spanish invaders in the Carribean and South America will be repaid one way or another. Realize these energies, get rid of them and make it impossible that energies of suppression and retaliatory measures by dissenters never ever will happen again in the future.

Look out for mutuality with the Creator, regardless how you name him. There is only one Creator, the same Creator for all of you, even if he is given different names. Pay homage to him in mutual love, because you are a part of him. Do not let lunatic fringes open the door to your heart, regardless in which countries and in which intention.

Say NO to these thoughts and stop them wherever they rise their heads. Protest against them in the streets and fight for a peaceful togetherness without any manipulation. De-escalation instead of confrontation is an important companion. Go together in love so that love is in the foreground of your thoughts and make sure that no manipulation by intentional violations can affect your life.

Realize the intentions and do not let them enter your consciousness. Let speak up your souls and let love preside over your togetherness. Open your hearts for love and peace with yourselves and all the beings on earth. All of you are a part of the ONE and therefore you all are brothers and sisters.

Let peace come into your hearts.



The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.