Let love and peace grow in your hearts

Amadeii, what can you tell me about the current events and the flows of refugees?

Greetings, child of men. Recognize that it is a very special day today and a very special energy is working. It is the energy of understanding and knowledge flowing through you to make clear what wants to manifest in your world.

Recognize how many energies want to force you into fear and try to pull the carpet out from under your feet. You do not know any longer what to believe, whether it is fantasy or kind of a test.

That is about the confusion you are going through at the moment. Trust our information that everything is taken care of and that you need not to be afraid. Recognize the intentions behind everything served on a plate of importances by media and in politics. Everything seems to be very important, but it was already planned a long time before.

Look at it and ask yourself what should we learn from the circumstances that so many people come to us, looking for help and hoping to stay here and share the country with us? Everything is taken care for. This is the real truth. But it does not consider the irresponsible actions of many statesmen who withhold the gains of their citizens.

Please, recognize that darkness intends such things and your media help to bring shadows into your thoughts. Manipulation and fear are part of the darkness, please, understand that and look at it consciously.

Recognize as well that escape is no solution but that changing the circumstances in the countries of those children of men who feel urged to come to your country. Wars, mismanagement, manipulation and greed are the reason for the flows of refugees and cause an imbalance in your thinking and acting.

But what can you do to let love flow into your hearts again?

Start breathing love deeply into your heart, love you have got from your first mother of all beings and start sending this powerful love to those people and statesmen who are not living in their inner peace and who are spreading destruction to their surroundings. Send this powerful love to those countries and people who can bring about change if love were allowed to work on them. You may work energetically, sending those people as much love as possible so that their thoughts and the energy of the places where they are living will get changed.

Then this energy will start working there. First slowly but faster then it will reach the spirit on-site so that darkness gets transformed into light and a loving change will become possible.

This is the only way you can help permanently. Everything else means accepting the dark powers and their intention to nourish your powerlessness. The children of men coming to your country currently are poor beings manipulated by their politicians. They have to learn to rebel lovingly against those who try to destroy their existence.

Some time ago the following motto was known in your country, “Imagine, it is war and nobody participates!” What would happen then? There would not be any lackeys of dark powers who want to intrigue. They do not go there themselves. They let fight, they let denunciate others, they let exist poverty.

Try to stop the power of those people just by letting be peace and love in your hearts. Let peace and love in your hearts grow bigger and bigger until this light is so strong that it can reach those children of men who have lost their love.

Letting work light and love is the most important thing you can do at the moment, for yourselves, for others, for mother earth who presently is suffering a lot because of all these occurrences.

Call your souls to support you. Unite mentally with other souls and build an army of peace and love.

Fight with loving thoughts and deeds and you will be strong and change more than you can imagine right now.

Leave quarreling and negative thoughts out of your life.

Find peace.



The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.