Letting go

In memory of Balou and all the souls, which left earth

Be saluted and be in your love. Once it was given that a soul was allowed and able to slip into a human or an animal body for a certain period, so that it could undergo an experience, which would have been impossible in a spiritual form of existence.

This kind of experience has always developed very joyful and exhilarating, because of the connection of the mind to the ONE – and experiences could always be undergone in connection to the ONE. But the restructuring and polarity reversal of your form of existence and your genetics, which caused the loss of the connection to the ONE, created the existence in loneliness for you. Only by discovering the congeniality of souls in your real life interrupted the feelings of loneliness.

This way earthliness and realism became important factors for you and the loss of them led you into the depths of emotional undulation. This has not changed on your earth until now. Even if this sensation and consciousness is slowly changing, you will be guided back to the connection with the ONE again. Your development will show more clearly that taking a leave from the physical jacket will not be a farewell forever. Just the body will decompose into its organic parts, which will be given back to mother earth.

Mind and soul have their own treasure trove of experience, which they may lead to their original energies after a phase of regeneration, and are allowed to live again in the former community of their proper existences. This holds for all forms of life, be it human or animal.

For all integrated souls on earth it is possible to contact these energies and forms of life and they are allowed to sense and to experience something that was believed to be lost.

The soul does not die and the mind, too, transforms back to its mental origin, until they are recalled in order to animate a new life – to supply a body with its energies as a spirit or to ensoul a body with a soul. Thus it is only the physique that will leave you forever when you say goodbye and it is needless to say that this is hurting you.

Let the mourning take effect on your heart in this moment and bid farewell to the body in love. But mind and soul shall be surrendered to the spiritual spheres, trusting in eternal existence and the possibility of meeting again. Let the soul and the mind away in love. Nothing lasts forever, but those existences are eternal, because they hold the divine aspect.

This is to give solace to all people, who currently suffered a loss. We receive your pain and recognize your craving. But be full of joy, because soul and spirit are released and could return to their original energies without any enforcement. Look forward to recognition in another era or in another dimension. This will be of some help to deal with your mourning.

Letting go is still a very difficult issue for you. But be trustful that you, the higher you will unfold your spiritual development, the easier you will deal with the farewell, because salvation will be visible and connection will be more obvious.

In such situations of farewell we will be with you and try to lessen your grief to the point of erasure, but must not be induced by us without the strongest request from your side. If you ask us to take away the pain from the sphere of your souls, there is the possibility that we can dissolve the pain and bid it farewell, so that you can continue your paths of life in easiness. Let away in joy and be happy about your released soul and your free spirit.



The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.