Living in an ethereal world

Clearing past and existent patterns

Be entirely in the peace of your actions and of your present feeling. It is a very powerful experience, which you are allowed to go through in order to clean all past patterns, which have to be cleaned.

Now you are undergoing your patterns in various and very hurting forms. This is how it is meant to be, so that clearness can be manifested in you, which allows to evade or to ignore it. Everything will be perceived much more differently in the ethereal world, which is spreading out all over the world nowadays, than in the ages, in which you could live in the coarseness of the third level. Now, after you advanced, you are surrounded by the ethereal world of the fifth level, in which sometimes one can experience a spilling over of the coarseness from the third level.

Thereby you will be intuitively more sensitive for everything that happens and for everything that you are experiencing. Yet, these experiences have to be dissolved and bidden farewell. Therefore be trustful, you, who have been allowed to experience the advancement last year. Therefore be trustful, you, who are allowed to live in the ethereal world of your existence. Therefore be trustful, you, who are suffering from the heavy burden of the past. Now you are on the home stretch of the transformation, on the path to love and lightness, tested by the light.

This year, in 2014, not everything will be dissolved in love, but occurrences in different facings will creep into your memories. It will happen in a way you can stand with. Look at it, let unfold it so that you can feel it and then bid it farewell in love.

Nothing that happened in the past era of hardship and humiliation is of worth to be connected with you in the future. Clean your past and clear your issues of ancestors, so that you can go more into lightness and your changes.

Invocate your ancestors and ask them to show you the issues of your ancestors, which all of them have undergone and suffered from. Look at the common issues and resolve them for all of your ancestors and for yourselves, too. Also spend time on the issues of your souls that are the charged karma. Spend time on the issues of the past, too and bid them farewell, so that you finally can see the path of your own lives and start going it.

Beware to potentiate more karma of the past, because it will turn out to be very difficult for you to resolve it. The surrounding ethereal energies will make these issues more obvious and your intuition will be strengthened. Fool about with your intuition, learn to strengthen your power in order to get into your soul and increase the power of your third eye.

These are the tools for the future, which will be at your side and who are useful in all situations to get you into the phase of cleaning. Everything that cannot surface because you ignore it, will be shown to you in another situation. All the actions of the past, even if one tries to hide them under lots of layers of forgetting, will eventually appear publicly.

This applies not only to your own lapses but also to the lapses of your environment, of the society, of politicians and of everything that is surrounding you on earth. Listen and look at it closely, so that you can recognize the necessary measures, which have to be initiated.

Do not start to condemn, but recognize your participation in these actions by rigorously exposing them. You yourselves want to hide and to whitewash situations. You are involved in these actions, although you may have not been active yourselves.

In this moment, the intentions of the pharmaceutical industry may become more obvious and the actions of your journalists are taken into the focus of your awareness by doings. Look closely and recognize the intended manipulations. Awaken and say “no” to these activities in your own spheres and on your earth. “Awake. Realize the signs of time. Start to transform until you are the future.” Let this appeal of mine be affective on earth in the near future, so that the far future will be more open and free in your operations and for yourselves.

Look at this consciously and clear your path through life, which you want to go alone in the midst of your society. This is your mission for some time.




The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.