Message 14.04.2018 - part I

The development of consciousness in the new age - part 1

Recognize your present patterns and the upcoming changing

I am greeting all of you being here in this room, I am greeting you with love. Full of joy I can see everyone of you shining in her and his light, your soul rays, being in your presence of the One. All of you have got this divine aspect in you and that makes you special here on earth doing your work. It is important for the present time that you understand who you are, that you see the valuable aspect inside yourself. You are unique, each of you, the way you are and the way you work.

It is a sign for the way you have to go. Your way means change, working in yourself and for yourself. Your way is leading to a new era, a new energetic calculation of time. It is working also in people who have not dealt with energetic work, healing or the ethereal world so far. Time is changing and the fine-material, the ethereal level around you is strong and brings some people on your earth into difficulty.

Your mind, receiving this ethereal radiance first, is overstrained in many people. Your consciousness is not yet adapted to this new energy, your consciousness is still struggeling with the dense material and the fine material. Your consciousness is in puberty.

Have a look at what has changed in your life during the last time. Be conscious in your life. Look at the difficulties and hurdles in your life, see the old programmes being repeated. Find the point which needed and wanted to be changed. Find the old structures, look at them, accept them in their wholeness.

Not only you are the human being here on earth but one soul aspect of the One getting ready to connect to the spiritual world completely. You are ready to let go many inherited burdens so they can be transformed.

Recognize the old patterns inside you so you can go into lightness. Recognize and feel what is necessary for the whole world. Recognize the coming changing and the desorientation of so many different forms of life. Recognize also the suffering made by this. Be aware only because of the suffering you are willing to have a closer look at what has to be changed.

Be courageous to face the changing. You are worth it. Also Mother Earth is being in a process of change. The earth’s radiation has already changed. It is powerful, it is loving, but it is defending itself against dense and hurting energies. Your earth is shaking because it is close to the ascent into the 7th dimension. With you and without you. You have the choice. You can choose whether you will ascend with it or whether you will incarnate in a transformation ball somewhere which means much work.

The present of ascending is a present within grasp. Reach out for it although the way is stony. It is worth it.


The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.