Message 14.04.2018 - part II

The first step is the love for yourself, yes, for yourself because you forget yourself so often. You help other people, you assist other people, you take care for other people. But you yourself are often falling by the wayside. You do not care for yourself. But this is a very, very important aspect for the new age that you learn to look after yourself, to protect yourself against all those things which are not good for you, which hinder you to change yourself, all those things which stop you on your way to love.

You are standing in the foreground for the changing. Look at you the way you are and be in love with yourself. Let go and transform the energies of condemnation of yourself, there is no place for them in the new age. Recognize yourself the way you are. Understand that it is good for you like that and that you are allowed to take care for yourself with love.

Whenever there are requirements from the outside, help where help is necessary, but be aware when it is getting too much for you and protect yourself. You are first, please learn that. In case you ignore it, your body will react with illness and pathological symptoms to show you that you did not take enough care of yourself. You are getting warning signals you should pay attention to you. You yourself alone are important to take care for at first, then your surroundings, the people, family or other people, around you.

The first step: you
The second step: your surroundings

It is important for you to work from your inner centre, to shine from your inner centre, just for yourself, that your centre, uniting in your soul, is shining to the outside. Your soul is connected to the spiritual world and by this connection it is shining for you. Energies are coming to your soul from the outside and are allowed to work there. Whenever you are carrying this light to the outside, whenever this light may envelope your body, you are sheltered by the divine rays of the One. Just for you. Just for your development. And you are allowed to bring your soul rays into your aura because it is for you and you are worth it. You may irradiate your aura with everything including the aspect of the One inside you. You are the light, the radiance.

You have the right to send this light to the outside in case you feel protected by this light yourself. But do not do this when you need this light for yourself, then you are more important than anything else. Carry your light to the outside when you are full of power in your being so you can give energies to others without any risk for yourself. You are the most important one of all.

The next aspect is inside your radiance. Let this radiance spread in your aura to send signals for others, show them where your aura is limited. And nobody is never ever allowed to ignore the limits of your aura. It is your right to set limits to the outside to protect your aura.

Another aspect is the radiating with love. People in your surroundings or in your country or on your earth who are in need, do not refuse to help them. Support them with loving thoughts and energies. If it is possible, if you are strong enough yourself, lead those people into the light of these energies. Let your mind work with love in such situations because your mind often tries to pull you away from love to other energies which are notcompatible with the new age.

Protection of your aura at any time, but loving thoughts for everybody as well. This is very important and a great condition for the 7th dimension. From that point of time you will be able to see all your children on earth and parents and ancestors. You are only one part of the universe. And there are many, many other forms of energy also working in this universe. The veil in front of your eyes will be torn away and you will recognize that you are living together with many other creatures in this universe.

From this moment on you will be able to accept all other forms of energy. A very important aspect, because without love you do not have any respect towards other beings. Respect is created by love and love is in the foreground here. Develop the respect towards other forms of life. Live in a mental unit and the respect will be send back to you. And the earth can deliberately merge with the universe, a unity in all being.

When the veil has come down, a new era for you and your earth will begin. And the lightness you can feel sometimes, is the lightness you will need to enter the new age. Practice ”The ten steps of purification” and you will notice that you find the way to love and changing. Because you are. And you are allowed to work here for yourselves.


The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way