Peace and mercy

Recognize your light.

Excerpt of a live-channelling, held on the ESO-fair in Cologne on 6. 4. 2014 (without meditation)

Peace be with you, children of men. I wish peace and mercy for you in your life, your actions and your doings.

I, Amadeii, energy of the new age, want to disclose to you, what the reason in your actions and doings is. You are the light of the ONE, you are precious aspects of your earth regarding your doings and achievements as parts of your transformation.

Your souls are the centre of your bodies, which know your aspects and paths of your lives and I can see the light of the soul in everyone. In everyone I recognize the divine aspects, the aspects of the Creator, which is indicating you. This light is radiating from your souls.

Your souls are the tiniest part of your bodies, but they are radiating in various ways, strong and powerful. It can be felt far beyond your aura. I can distinguish these radiations of each of you. And I want to tell you that this small aspect of the soul, which is very strong and powerful, can be realized in your radiation und you are radiating.

There is no reason, to not concern yourselves with your radiation. I ask you and I invite you to recognize yourselves and your magnitude. Go far away from self-condemnation and search the path to the love that is in you. Go this path into love for yourselves and accept the given shape of you. Recognize the magnitude in this life. Each of you is precious, each of you is strong and splendorous. Do not compare each other. See your own qualities, realize your magnitude, which consists of various shapes and strengths. Make them visible for yourselves and understand that this is how you are and that you are allowed to be this way. Your souls, that are always guiding you by the light, have wanted you to be the way that you are and this is alright. You are precious. You are the light. You are the challenge of development. This development will take you into the advancement of mind, body and soul.

Development means transformation and each transformation here and now is important and precious and can be accompanied by your souls, because your souls know about their task – the task that has come with you into your lives. Try to recognize this task and start to complete it step by step. Be aware that you are worth every effort to transform yourselves. You may transform yourselves in each way that will be good for you. You are living in the mercy of the ONE and mercy is the light of the ONE that is also shining in your bodies. You are. You are in love, you are in love and in mercy to be allowed to live here.

I want you to realize how precious you are, to realize the mercy in your souls from which it is beaming. Feel, how loving you can be and let bounce back from you all burden, which keep you away from your love. Go into your love so that mercy can develop. The mercy of the ONE is a path that will lead you into the ethereal world. The path into the light by transforming your thought, your actions and your reactions is a very valuable path. You are not always in the mercy of love. You do not always act lovingly. But the moment, in which you realize that these actions are not in genuine truth, you should be aware of it and in your mind you should disband from these actions in love. Emotional realization is an important process as a part of this development.

Do not be unhappy in case your emotions are overwhelming you. Do not be unhappy in case you acted against your love. Do not be unhappy in case you reacted emotionally or impulsively, even if your actions were not caring. This is part of you and your emotions, too. You may live out your emotions here on earth. You are creations of the ONE, born in polarity. There are both sides in you – love and the shady side. The shady side will tell you the path into the light.

This is why you should go into your own shady side, accept it lovingly, embrace it and say: “Yes, you, the shady side, are a part of me and with your help I will get into consciousness, which I have to transform, in order to be in my love and in my mercy.” Engage with your shady sides, because they are a part of you, which you must not ignore. Both poles are in you. There, where is no shadow, there is no light. Be happy, even if you recognized something, which has been superposed by your shady side and say: “Yes, I have the right to realize that this is a part of mine, which led me to the proper path.” Say: “Yes, I am allowed to be the way I am” and turn everything into the direction of love and enjoy the feeling of relief, which will spread out in your bodies. Get the feeling of how you are allowed to be. Everything is a part of you. Transform every part of your shady side step by step into love.

Love is the most important mercy, the most precious gift, which the ONE, the most powerful creating energy, has given to you when you were born. Be grateful for receiving this mercy. My Amadeii-Energy is pouring over your mandalas into your bodies and into your auras, it is transforming and clearing, what has to be transformed and cleared for you. Again, my Amadeii-Energy is pouring from above over your auras into your mandalas, it is flowing into your bodies, into all cells, down to your feet and there it is leaving you, creeping into mother earth. Once again, my Amadeii-Energy is flowing through your auras into your mandalas, it is passing through your bodies, where I let it work for you in a way, that it will be good for you. Everything may happen as it should happen – just for you.

I thank you for allowing me to help you. I thank you for allowing me to speak to you here. And I thank you for allowing me to send my energies to you. I beg you to inhale and exhale deeply and then very consciously come back into the present, back into this room. Now I bid farewell to you, full of joy and in the awareness of the mercy of the ONE. I bid farewell with my greeting


The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.