Physical and mental stress and exhaustion

The puberty of body and mind

You beings of the One, at the moment you do not recognize all the wonderful things developping in your body and mind, but you only see your weak performances in all areas.

At all levels you feel an exhaustion that prevents you from acting and makes you not seeing things.

These are the possibilities of the shadows to stop you on your way giving you the feeling as if on a rollercoaster ride so that you cannot see your ascent clearly. You experience chaos and conflicts yourselves and also in the world which distracts your attention from the real purpose: the ascent into the the 7th dimension and therefore the physical and mental change as a requirement for this ascent.

You feel permanently tired and inefficient. At the moment you often have the feeling that all your efforts to clear your mind and to dissolve your karma were senseless because all your emotions and occurences come back and leave you in a situation of helplessness.

But let me tell you: at the moment you are at the „puberty“ of your ascent and all these feelings and emotions will leave you when this phase will be finished. Then you will be hopeful and powerful again, working on your themes successfully without any doubts.

Right now better slow down and say a word in praise of your own also for little things. Those little things actually are a high performance for your mind and body you cannot realize yourself. Trust that all these symptoms are normal and will go away. Everything is prepared for the ascent. Your soul is already working in the bright spheres of the 7th dimension.

Work more intensively with your soul. Let it work for you and talk to you. Experience power and strength by this contact and let it guide you. Your mind and your body are passing differences in formation right now and your soul is guiding everything in love. Trust. Everything will happen the way it has to so that the next step of change can be done , first upon the earth and then reflecting to every living being in the universe.

Intense crises are still going to hit you. But everything is planned like that and will be carried out. Your soul knows about it and will guide you on your mission and on your way.

Fell embraced in love



The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.