Inner peace

Pure Love - Channeling from the trade fair Bergisch Gladbach

Be in peace, children of men, be in peace and light, one of the most precious attributes you are given in this life by the One. Love and peace, manna for the soul, light and peace, a calming for your spirit, light and peace, a stop for your reason.

And so I call upon you, come into your inner peace and only into your inner peace that can work inside yourself, only inside yourself. Because it is the most precious you are allowed to feel, inner peace. Inner peace creates truth and you may live this truth. Truth is the way you are allowed to be and work with in your existence, pure, without any of those programmes you have learned in your life. Truth is being pure the way you live, the way you behave, the way you honestly feel inside yourself and honestly think about yourself.

Now is the time for all the revelations to show you your truths. You are true, you are real, you are. And in your existence you find the essence of what you are, pure, made by the One, without falsehood, pure in your further development and further work.

This is the precondition for your inner peace, because this inner peace not only is lived by you, experienced by you but also radiated by you from within yourself, transported by your soul to the outside, a shining light that shows you just the way you are. The One recognizes you only by your light. He recognizes your radiation but he also knows your shadows which are blinding you again and again and mislead you.

You are the light of the One, the highest form of energy here on earth besides Mother Earth herself. Mother Earth is pure energy in her work and full of love to you. And all your thoughts and acts are flowing to Mother Earth and cover her energies with darkness she must handle. Often Mother Earth is crying over you and for you, often she is worrying about you.

For you Mother Earth is the lap in your life, she is protecting and caring for you, comforting and strengthening you, giving you everything you need. Mother Earth is the close connection, guided by the One and united in love by Metatron. For you Mother Earth is protection, food, light and an energy supporting you on your way.

When you were born, you were absolutely pure. By education and your surrounding you were changed and remodeled. You let go your light into a shadow. Deliberately I am talking about that shadow now so that this shadow can be transformed for every one of you and that this energy can flow to Mother Earth in love without burdening her any longer.

Recognize, with your existence, with your words, with your deeds you are able to send out informations to the world to make the pros and cons, the light and dark in your life happen. Recognize the lightning of your deeds, of your thoughts, of your words. Your words are faster than any other energies you know and by your thoughts you determine your future. Be aware of that, control your thoughts, do not let emotions and energies of the shadows be in your thoughts to influence your surroundings.

Be aware of your thoughts and their high speed. Better say stop in case something is forming up too fast in your thoughts. Say stop and consider whether this thought can work positively for you, say stop and ask yourself whether this thought can radiate positively into your surroundings. Have a look at your words. Be careful when using your words to communicate with your surroundings, be careful because your words are energies of the bright as well as of the dark existence. Your words can love and support, but your words can also destroy.

Learn to form the most precious inside yourself in love. Learn to form and let work your thoughts in love and let them reach other children of men. Do not forget, your words are pure energy. Even when the person you are talking to does not understand your words, he will understand the sound of your voice, the tone and the intention behind your words. Feel your words as an instrument of love and in future work in love with your words.

And here is something else I would like to share with you: choose your words carefully, as well in dealing with your animals and with nature of flora and fauna. All of these react on the energy of love. Disregard expressed by your words will be felt by these life forms as disregard. Be respectful towards all living things because not only human beings are valuable.

You human beings here on earth consider yourselves as very important and we see your value, but we also see the value of other energy forms here on earth and in other universal fields.

Your universe is filled with many, many different energy forms you cannot contact yet. We had to protect those other areas against you because your energies of emotions and your words are not yet completely in the energy of love. The energy forms in the universe behind your veil are highly energetic and very, very sensitive. With your words and your deeds you could cause many, many injuries. That is why everything is still protected and safe until you are able to live pure love, to react with pure love and act with your thoughts in pure love.

I would like to point to another topic that is still exciting your minds and is still letting your thoughts and words become harmful or insulting. It is the way you are dealing with people coming to you in need, hoping you will help them.

Yes, I know the arguments from many people who say, most of them are coming because they think we are living here in paradise and that they can demand something from us. And I tell you, you are living in paradise here. You are lucky to have experienced this life here in safety. You did not have to endure war and shortage of everything. And the people coming here have left behind everything important for them to find protection and peace in your country.

And yes, I feel your thoughts saying they are not peaceful in their thoughts and towards us. This is also a kind of transformation those people may experience here. You should be an example for them which helps them to reflect their own emotions and to find out what inner peace could mean. These people coming to your country have lost their inner peace, they have nothing but their life they place into your hands asking you to protect them.

And I would like to ask you, please think about this situation, send peace to your thoughts and words and recognize your personal task which enables you to grow with those challenges. It helps you to develop your inner peace, to live it and radiate it as a signal to the souls of all those people seeking protection here.

The souls of these people are suffering because they have got an extremely difficult mission to fulfil. They shall make their light shine although they were brought up in a surrounding full of disregard towards other living beings. Not only disregard towards women but also disregard to other creatures that also have a right to live in love. All creatures have a soul and absolutely no one has the right to rise above any other being.

That is why you should not rise above other people. You are living in paradise, be an example. Let your inner peace become bigger and bigger and let it work. Let this inner peace shine to your surroundings. Let these thoughts radiate to other people, let them recognize, be an example for them, show them how to work together. Let your words and thoughts work in love. Come into your love and inner peace to feel the calmness deep inside yourself. This was my message for you. Whenever you get in contact with strange, unfamiliar energies, be in peace then and remember my words.

I gratefully say good-bye to you: hallelujah.


The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.