Reason and intuition

Four Steps to transformation

Live-Channelling at the Esotericism-Fair in Cologne

I greet you, humans of light. I greet you and your souls. I am full of joy recognizing what a light you are shining in. You are the light of the ONE, shining brightly. You are a particular kind of light and if you could recognize your radiation, you would easily know about your uniqueness.

You are here with love and with your mission, even if you cannot always recognize the mission at once. Your souls have chosen this mission in order to fulfil it in your physical being. It is how it is and it will happen in spite of all the detours, which you sometimes have gone and which you will go again, if you cannot exactly recognize your aim.

In your foreground there are your souls and your souls know about your missions. It would be easy enough for you to listen to your souls and do not let your reason try to know better. Your souls will guide you lovingly and your souls will guide you in a way that is fitting you. This guidance will consist of messages of your intuition to your mind.

Yet recognize the various ways of the work of your reason. Your reasonis instilled in you, your reason, which should play just a tiny part in your lives. But reason could grow so massively in your development that it took command over your lives. Your reason tries to impress and to manipulate you and to lead you away from your paths of life. Just these wrong ways are what we call detours. We in the spiritual world are always trying to give you a new chance to correct your paths and to take the correct direction at every road junction of your lives. Our words of solace: Every detour is a possibility to learn, is a new experience of learning and nothing is wrong with errors, because this process of learning will influence you and your lives.

The only question, which you are allowed to ask in this context, is the question: “Do I need this detour?” Very often, we in the spiritual world answer: “Yes.” If you are not ready enough for the straight path in your experiences, the detour can be a destination for you, to recognize, to feel and to experience, what has kept you away from the straight path. Smile when you think of your past and when you recognize your detours. Why did you go this detour and what experiences and knowledge have you been given while going this detour?

Please recognize simultaneously the value, which reason has contributed to these experiences, because very often reason tries to deviate you from your proper work. By this, reason is blocking your development of many personal aspects.

Start developing and letting unfold your mind, because the ONE has given your mind to you. The ONE has equipped you with the highest energies of light and attributes, which you will need in this life and which you are allowed to unfold for you and just for you and your development. Your minds and your souls should be combined in your physical lives. This is the gift of the ONE for you in this life. The experiences you can undergoare manifested in you from the very beginning. Likewise is manifested whom you will meet in your lives and how many encounters from past lives, which can be cleared, you will meet again in this life.

Lovingly take care of these people and look forward to the opportunity to solve old issues from the past in this life. This does not mean that you will have to encase yourselves with energies that do not suit you. But you have every right to try it and to say: “I am ready to dissolve these issues if I am able to.” At the same time you have every right of the world to try to dissolve encounters, which are uncomfortable for you, which restrict you and which make you feel uneasy, with the help of the spiritual world without being in conflicts yourselves.

Be trustful, the spiritual world will be helpful at your side when you are in conflicts. You cannot solve all conflicts of past lives, but you have a right to put these conflicts into the light, so that they can transform into love with the help of the spiritual world and the spiritual light. Here and now transformation has to be in the foreground for you.

Recognizing your problems, regarding your problems and letting go your problems are three steps, which you can take before a transformation. After having taken these three steps, it will be the right moment for transformation. Then, everything can be resolved that is ready for resolving.

I say a hallelujah for everything that you are ready to look at. The mastery does not only consist of the transformation, but in the first place it is the conscious recognizing of what is blocking you in this life, of what is turning you angry, of what can hurt you and the reason why it can hurt you. Look at it. Look at it without evaluation. Be conscious of this emotion or of this occurrence. After having looked at the situation consciously, take the next step and recognize the message that is hidden in this recognition.

Recognize the message, which explicates the why. Look at the message and confront this issue. With the third step lovingly try to resolve the issue. Try to illuminate the issue from all sides and when you are able to recognize, to see and to illuminate the issue, then you can take the fourth step of transformation and bring the occurrence into light.

If you are not able to take this step of settlement lovingly because you had been deeply hurt, ask the spiritual world to bring the occurrence into the light for you and to help you transforming.

Concerning occurrences, which are hurting you still very much, you yourselves can ask for light and have the light sent into your emotions until love has filled your souls and the word “I am able to forgive you” may easily be said and enter your minds and your souls. Forgiveness is the real magical power, by which you can resolve all occurrences. Without honest and loving forgiveness, there is only forgiveness by reason, which is guided by intellect.

Therefore recognize very lovingly that if you are feeling helpless and powerless, you can ask the spiritual world for help to bring this emotion into the light and transformation for you.

But if you are able to confront your issues after long lasting exercises, let love grow in your souls. Let the love in your souls grow stronger and with the power of your love send forgiveness to the humans, who had hurt you. The power of forgiveness will release the belt of the karma that has developed between you. Go into love to yourselves.

Hallelujah Amadeii


The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.