Recognize your little universe

Shadows and the task of the soul

Live-Channeling, Bergisch Gladbach, April 2015

Greetings, children of men. Joy and peace into your hearts. I welcome you to clarify and cleanse something in your mind and heart that is blocking you. Believe me, your souls are pure but your spirit is still little because your mind and your ego try to manipulate you again and again. Your reason is so big, strong and powerful since the day of your birth, covering everything you otherwise would be able to see much more easily. You are an aspect of the One who is working through your spirit, so please, start developing your spirit. Let it become stronger until you are guided by your spirit, then you are on the right track, without any detours or temptations because those are so many nowadays and very destructive.

Please, recognize your own little universe, let it become bigger, stronger, powerful and full of light like your aura. Look at the other universes around you and see how they try to influence and impair you and how they trigger your emotions. Watch the sad and depressing chaos around you.

We, the spiritual world, notice this chaos happening on earth. But be full of confidence, there is a reason for everything. Everything happening, no matter how terrible it is, no matter how much compassion you feel, no matter how horror-stricken you are, everything happening has got its own reason. All the events taking place in the big universes of your earth cannot be changed by you. It is not your task to bring about a change there.

Your task is to change your little universe, let it shine and be full of love. Then there will be a chance that your shining will reach the whole world, even mother earth and the universe. That is the way how you can also change the other little universes. They will get affected by your shining.

Do not be impatient and do not say I want to do more. It honours you but nor do you have the strength of change to extinguish the origins of all those deeds neither can you bring them into light. That only can be done by those beings living in these other universes. But your shining light reaches those other beings and therefore your task is to let your light shine. This is a very substantial order, although you might think it is only a little one. Start working on yourselves and learn to let your little universe radiate into a very big universe.

Acting like this, your aura and your soul are getting more and more powerful. Your inner light is also shining in the outside and it is bright, warm and clear for everybody. Understand how you can change the deeds on your earth. Whenever you might see chaos, dark shadows, unworthy circumstances for men or animals, send the radiance of your universe into those circumstances to dissolve them.

Right now everything is prepared to be revealed, everything is becoming visible. The shadows are losing their power. Let your light shine for all shadows in the world and for all beings who are still living in the shadows. This is absolutely the best you can do. The light will dissolve the shadows. Whenever you meet a shadowin your universe, welcome it full of joy and love and say, “Nice to meet you, please show me all the things I have to see and to change. Come into my arms and walk together with me into the light.”

That is how to change the shadow, which is also part of yourself, into light. Negating the shadows does not make sense. They have their task in your little universe as well as in the big universe on your earth. Without shadows there would be no changes, but life means change and you wanted it. Saying hello to the shadows means to welcome a conscious change, means development. Change itself is a process and enables your spirit and soul to gain experiences and that is what your soul is here for.

Gaining experiences, painful or full of light. Here in your earthly existence, in the polarity on earth with all its emotions your soul has got the possibility to experience all its strength and power and to find out what still needs to be developed until your soul is full of power and has completed all its tasks. Your soul has come into this world with tasks that have to be worked off. Every working, every process is a valuable experience for your soul and enables it to become bigger and bigger. This experience is also radiating to mother earth and a valuable treasure for her. These experiences are radiating into the universe so that this knowledge and experiences can manifest themselves there in the universe for all the other energetic beings who could not do those experiences so far. They can experience the energies of this knowledge and the process of change which will help them to accelerate proceedings of dissolution and development of the soul in another body.

It is this acceleration which makes you have the feeling that time is running quicker and quicker. There are many energies working for you and making the process of change easier because they have already experienced this process and themes. That helps you to go through those processes much quicker and let them go. Be in contact with the spiritual world and ask for permission to work with these energies. They are available for you, powerful in light and darkness, in love and in strong emotions.

Everything is alright because everything is in the process of change. We from the spiritual world attend you with all our love, we are with you and whenever you need help, please call us. We will help you full of joy, but you have to call us. Without your permission we are not allowed to help you. Call us and we will be there for you full of joy.

Hallelujah Amadeii


The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.