Recognize your soul and your light

The quest of your soul: development and experience

transference at a fair in Karlsruhe on 20.5.2013; without healing meditation

Be saluted everyone and fully in the love, children of men, who have found the path to me. I am full of joy to see your energies radiating and your souls, which are escorting you, already have recognized the path you have chosen. You are already preparing and transforming. In various ways you have left behind stretches of way to your transformation, often with melancholy and doubt, but always guided by the spiritual world. And if you, dear humans of light, have engaged in transformation, the paths have not been as rocky as they could have been. Often your paths are in the dark and cannot be discerned by you. Still go on with trust, step by step. In hindsight you will recognize that it had always been the right paths, even if you had to go detours. Treading the paths and going on means transformation on all of your paths. That is transformation of your minds, of your physical existences and most of all, transformation of your souls. It is your souls that I want to make you familiar with today.

Your souls already have lived through and suffered from many incarnations. Each incarnation included a new assignment, which you chose by yourselves. The life that you are mastering now and all the lives you already mastered in the past, are lives that you have chosen to live. Now it is your task to go on developing, putting up with all obstacles and all the rocks on your paths. These obstacles and rocks involve experience and experience is the highest award you can be distinguished with on your path to love.

Go into your experiences. Be trustful, everything is all right. It is regardless if an experience is connected with suffering or with utmost happiness. We, in our universal sphere, do not evaluate these experiences. We appreciate them all in equal measure. Everything is precious and everything is needed for the spiritual world – all your experiences and those of your souls – because this information exceeds the spheres of your earth in direction to the universe by far. It reaches beyond your universe far into other universes, so that you can learn from their experiences. Learning is expansion of knowledge. Learning is continuous expansion. It is important for the creator, because the Creator is collecting all experiences, so he can distribute them altogether to all of you. So realize the importance of your light, because everyone in the microcosm is a big part for the whole universe and beyond. Your emotions, too, are precious in all spheres – for you, for your surroundings, for mother earth, for your universe and radiating as experience far beyond.

Realize, in this consciousness, how important every single human is working in his light for everything. You are light and you are important for everything that exists. I beg you to live this importance, to recognize it and not to evaluate. Many people suffer from the problem that they believe they are small and unimportant. In comparison to other people they feel humble and without any value. But you should recognize the bright light in each single one of you, the importance, how precious you are and how brilliant you are for everyone and for the ONE. You are precious, you are precious, you are precious!

In recognizing your values I want to illustrate to you an aspect, which can expand and intensify your values in this life. This aspect of value is the aspect of love. The light of the Creator is pure love without ifs and buts. You have been born in love, when a divine aspect of the ONE has entered your body in order to incarnate for the time being. This aspect is your soul. Your souls are love, your souls are light, your souls are radiating! So your souls have the task to work for you in love. Your souls have the task to radiate for you, from the outside into your auras and on and on. Your souls have adopted this huge task for you and the Creator.

Your souls are just a tiny part in your body, but they are working hard and radiating with their light and their pure existence. So you understand that size does not matter, but it is about how love is irradiating. It is about how love is experienced and how love is passed on to the surroundings. That encloses your personal surroundings, even your society, your political and other involvements, in which you can send your love, so that transformations can work there. Your physically defined souls are the maximum that can work for you. And I tell you: Despite all the condemnations, which you lay upon yourselves, you need not be despaired. Please accept you in love as the persons that you are. That is why your souls have chosen just you. Your souls love you just the way you are. Without any ifs and buts.

Your souls wish to live and work with you, they wish to develop with you, just the way you are in love. Therefore be trustful that you are light, you are precious and that everything is as harmonious as it is working within you now. It is the rationality that often arises doubt in you.

But do not listen to that part of your bodies. Listen to your intuition. Your intuition is the voice of your souls. If your souls tell you “This is alright for me” or “This way I am in my truth” or “I avoid this contact”, please trust in your souls. Your souls really know, what is alright for you.

Go into your intuition and really trust in that information. Allow your souls to work intensified for you and to reinforce your intuition in a way that you can feel or hear it. This is another aspect of your personality, which you can easily extend. Sometimes rationality has a louder voice, because it does not want you to find your intuition.

- The related meditation will be published in the next book of Amadeii -

On future stretches of your path into your new age these energies will go along with you. Whenever you need help, call for my energies. Because I, Amadeii, the archangel of the new age, will work for you in love in the future. I will help you with the obstacles that will have to be overcome. I thank you very much for having found the way to me and I bid you farewell.




The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.