Situation in the world on 17.03.2020

Amadeii, There is so much confusion in the world due to Corona right now. Was this planned and what can you tell me about it?

Yes, it was planned for a long time to increase your awareness and that of your earth.

It was, however, very difficult to get through to your spirit, as you were always busy with other things. Food, drink, money, luxury, greed, value judgement and much more. You were lacking appreciation of your inner values and there was no sign of a return to calmness.

This didn‘t apply to everyone. But even so many of you were in the middle of the ego process. Especially those who thought they had to be and are spiritual and for that reason suppressed all the impulses that we sent.

We are on the home stretch of the New Era in which light will triumph over shadow and on this home stretch we need support from you in the form of peace and tranquility of your thoughts. We need you to take stock of yourself, respect all living creatures that live with you on earth.
This is the occasion and the reason to let the next increase in light be determined by the shadows, which want to throw you into chaos and force you into dependence of the base kind. Your health, economy and finances should so be ruined, bringing you down on your knees and to show humility. Fears and panic about a pathogen and feelings of lacking are to occupy your minds so that you not identify all the intrigues.

However, due to their greed even the shadows do not see that they are actually so providing you, the children of mankind, with the chance to come to a standstill and find peace at home again.  This enables you to slow down and to once again find and feel inner peace. At the same time your world will become calmer and cleaner again. A proclamation from us alone would not have made this possible.

Together in the intention of family communication. Leaving behind the places of economic thinking. The political movements must also rest. Hallelujah for that.

All of this is an emotional prerequisite to manifesting the newly-formed ray of light of the change that is beginning within you. We can now reach you much better and you are open for the new energies of the New Age.

Try to pass this message on to everyone you can contact.

We call upon all children of mankind to stay at home in their protected environment and to become calm. Avoid other children of mankind, no matter how attached you are to them. Recharge yourselves in this way using your own energies of the New Age.
Meditate, cleanse your bodies, bid farewell to fear and trust in the process of light that is now taking place, raising the earth to the level of the rest of the universe so that the union of all of the universe can soon take place.

We have had to accelerate this process ourselves now, because the shadows have planned evil and destruction of the most violent kind.

This must not be allowed to happen and so we have brought forward the opening of the light to fulfill the promise we made to Gaia.

The earth is rising and with it all the souls of light that have been prepared for ascension.

Trust that you and all the living creations that you consider to be inferior belong to this. These creatures, animals, are striving towards their salvation and are consciously ready to transform their suffering into love and compassion. Help them with this.

Send the energy of love to Mother Nature at least once a day, to the animals and to Gaia and above all to all children of mankind, including the shadows. Send out this love in full awareness so as to manifest the love and so allow the energy to flow to Mother Earth. This is your present role in raising the vibrancy.
Avoid other children of mankind and remain alone in your core. Take leave of the values of worldly goods. Trust that everything is being taken care of. Avoid greed and dishonesty. Avoid the so-called self-proclaimed beings of the light who only illuminate themselves.

Do not avoid the children of mankind because of the virus, but rather because of manipulation and the negative aura. Remain in your inner peace for your own sakes and for the world peace of the light.

Come round in peace and help to support this last step in the increase of light.
Let everything happen in your peace.

That is the plan. We are ready and waiting for you.
Peace be with your souls.


The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.