The action of the shadows over reason

Live-Channeling in Bergisch Gladbach, 20.01.2019

Greetings, human children. Greetings to you in love and light. You creatures of the One, that you have found your way to me today. Full of joy I recognise you and full of joy I see how your light is shining in you. And how you shine outwards in your being.

You human children of the One, be at peace with yourselves. Feel the peace in you. For peace is one of the most precious things that you can manifest in your inner being, to live for you and to work for you. Inner peace: precious. Inner Peace: the longing for harmony. Inner peace: a feeling of calm, of unity, of being at one with yourself.

I'll be with you.

Nowadays this inner peace within you is often being disturbed. You will be effected by issues and people that are not good for you. You will be touched by actions from outside that take you away from your centre. And they dock onto you and your reason. Your reason, which has been instilled in you by your parents. Your reason is not given to you by the One. From the moment that you were incarnated in your mother’s body, your reason has begun to train itself to direct its action outwards. To align themselves in their work on their being. Created by society. Created by affirmation. Created by behaviour patterns that are not your own. And your reason has been nourished by this and continued to develop. It became stronger and more powerful, until you were no longer consciously able to recognise: is this my opinion, is this what I feel my feeling, or has it been artificially created by reason?

And I call upon you to look closely at what this reason does to you. Question your thinking and actions often. Question your being often. Question yourself and your actions and recognise what represents you one hundred percent in love and spirit, and what manipulates you through your reason. For through your reason you are endlessly manipulable. Through your reason you are endlessly vulnerable. Become aware of this. Your reason has been acquired, your spirit is the ability within you to allow your thinking in love. Thus it is ordained that as your reason further develops, so your spirit diminishes and is forced back into second place in your actions.

And I appeal to you: Recognize this also clearly. Recognize how your reason wants to dominate you and your spirit. Recognize how your reason manipulates you via your feelings. The feelings that influence you. Please recognize it. And see here, how the shadows, which react so panic-stricken on your earth during this time, how these shadows attack your reason. And want to manipulate you via your reason. Not only in your own area of life, in which at present your emotions are also boiling up, but in all the surroundings and on all your earth, the shadows are currently very aggressive. 

Simply out of fear not to have any justification here anymore. Because the time of love is getting stronger all the time. The sensibility is clearly becoming more active in you on earth, so that the shadows can be recognized, so that the lights keep the shadows in check and the darkness will soon have no justification.

But it's still a stony road ahead until then. And this awareness spreads in working the shadows as they realize they are recognized. Their times here on earth will be threatened by light and love. And so you work through reason with the People. And reason is connected to the ego. The ego process in many a person's of you on Earth is currently being held up by the shadows, pushed up, activated. into the malignancy that was thought to have been said in the past.

Recognize the chaos that the Shadows are consciously creating in you and on your Earth at this time. is activated. See how you get into emotional ramparts through your reason, which you can of the past. You who wanted to find the way to love. You who their manifold effects have already come a long way. You wanted a change for yourselves and thus also for your earth. And you lapse back into a process of self-doubt. In a process from the highest emotions through to aggression. In a process of old issues that keep raising their heads again and again in different variations. And you ask yourself: "Is everything that my actions have achieved so far, is all that no meaningless? Hasn't all that borne fruit?" And I say to you: yes, it has! It has been endlessly fruitful.

You have come a long way in your development. But the shadows produce the Acute doubts and the pictures once again. Be aware of this. You are on the right path . And don’t be hard on yourself when such emotions invade your thoughts. Be mild and caring to yourselves and say: "Yes, this is another process in my development, where the shadow wants to have an effect on me. I forbid the shadow to be here because I am light of the One and I want to act in this light." Embrace the shadow, invite it into your arms to go with you into the light. Then it will leave you, because the light is a kind of behavious that the shadows cannot bear. Light is love! And the shadow cannot exist in love. Therefore, be aware that whenever a not so friendly emotion invades your thoughts, take a look at these thoughts and recognise that you no longer want to have such thoughts. These thoughts are energies from the past and have no place in your caring acts in the new time. to be no longer represented in the new time. Say no to the shadows! Say yes, I wants to act in love. And I forbid all shadows to penetrate my reason and to nurture my ego.

Ask the One to let light flow into your heart so that you may be strong. Activate your spirit with the help of this light so that the spirit can again come to the fore and reason can be used where it is necessary. But where reason tries to mislead you, it no longer has a place in your actions – not now or in the future. And in this context have also compassion with your politicians here on your earth because they have been fully embraced by the shadows and are manipulated again and again by these shadows via their ego. Send them caring thoughts and recognise that only light can enlighten them and bring them into love.


The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.