The final rebelling of the shadows

Live-Channeling from 19. März 2017

Peace to all of you being here in this room. Peace and honour to your souls being so bright and shining. Be welcomed. I am full of joy to speak to you here today about all that is demanding your emotions, your mind and rationality.

Children of mankind, you are incarnated purposely during this period of time to take part in the next ascent which is already showing up in the existence of all your cells. You are feeling all your emotions much more right now than in the years before when you wanted to develop yourself. Every time there was the question: When will it take place? When will it start? When will the ascent into the fifth dimension be? I can tell you here and now, children of mankind: you are already in the fifth dimension. An enourmous change has happened to you. And this change, step by step, requires a change of your flow of energy and your receiving from the spiritual world and the magnetic field of Mother Earth. Both of them make up the main part influencing you right now. You are on the fourth level of the fifth dimension. That is the last level before you are able to reach the fifth dimension itself. It is the last level where all the shadows try to pull you down into your old energies. The shadows of the spiritual world work at high pressure to avoid you going your way to the fifth level of the fifth dimension. Towards insanity, towards aggression, towards the male being of an ego. Ego is the energy coming up right now because it wants to hinder you to appreciate the next dimension.

Be full of joy and awareness and say, ‘‘Yes, I am a part of it because I want to work in light, I want to be in light. I want to bring lightness and easiness into my life, peace and joy. And all the other energies which are not good for me, all the other energies which belong to the past I do not allow to penetrate my soul and my mind.‘‘

This is an important aspect to understand that this transition from the fourth to the fifth level of the fifth dimension is one of the most important steps. And when you have reached this fifth level the negative energies, the shadows do not have that much power to draw you into the nebulous and dark energies. Recognize the importance of this next step you have to go to be able always to turn away from darkness and turn towards the light, the everlasting light of life, showing you the way, keeping peace and love you are longing for and letting you shine brilliantly to the outside.

Recognize the importance of this step and I also would like to explain to you why there is so much chaos around you, no matter whether you yourself are concerned, your mind , your health, your family, your community, your state and the whole world. Wherever you look at, everywhere there is chaos , everywhere there is old male energy. Full of power and totally in the lack of light are those energies and they are strengthened by the weakness of the earth’s magnetic field. Everything that takes place in your body on a physical, mental and spiritual level is orientated on the magnetic field of your earth. And your earth stands shortly before the pole jump. Your earth stands right before a change it only is impementing every thousand years.

Closely linked to the reduction of the earth’s magnetic field is also the pole shift which can be proved by your scientists. Your magnetic field is getting weaker and weaker and is sending weak signals to the cells in your body. These signals are so weak that negativity can overpower your thoughts if you are not in love and peace. Recognize that the magnetic field is getting weaker and weaker until the earth‘s core will be stopping its rotation.

This is the time when Mother Earth will fall into a deep sleep. A deep sleep which enables a total regeneration. But this deep sleep will take just a short period of time of about one to three hours. During this phase the earth itself and the earth’s core are at rest. After this deep sleep of that short time for us but for mother Earth a very long time, Mother Earth is going to wake up herself and to start the rotation of the earth’s core by building up the magnetic field. The rotation of the earth will turn into a different direction then. This will be so. During this period of time you will feel calmness, inner calmness and peace. Do not be afraid, we will look after you. Everything is prepared that you will be able to survive this change under supervision by love.

As soon as the magnetic field will be newly orientated and rotating, your poles also will be changed and your cells will have a point of orientation again. Your work will begin to be powerful and strong again. It is important that you can accept all this in love because every living being on your earth is going through this process. You are looked after, you are protected. But recognize also that those energies which try to prevent you from doing so, that those energies should not be allowed to push up your emotions. Be sure that these emotions will work only for a short time because then the energies will stop them.

An example for that right now is the President of the United States, being a shadow in its highest form, dark in his being and his working. He will be driven into madness when the energies are getting even higher and his cells are irradiated with these higher energies. He will only have the choice to change himself in love or to leave. Every being has got a choice. As well the President of Turkey who is casting his shadows currently wherever possible. I tell you, those shadows are testing you. Do not allow those shadows to unbalance you. Fell sorry for these people. Send them energies of love and of peace so that they can change themselves more quickly.

Do not take up those energies. Do not allow them to touch your thoughts and to develop. Do not give way to hatred. Be in your own centre and in your inner peace. Recognize the reasons for those energies. It is a test for you. If you are not able to live in harmony with those energies here on earth, you will not be able to contact the energies of other universal living beings. These energy forms are diverse and you have to learn to accept their diversity. And the current tests are a necessary condition for that. It is a very important period of time on earth for all your working and for all lightworkers.

And once again I want to tell you that you have to let work in love all the occurences testing and demanding you. Understand and love all the people in need, all the people in the shadow because they are manipulated and are not themselves. Be thankful that you can live safely here in Germany, be grateful for the wise acting of your political leader who is wise enough to keep those energies at a distance to her even when she is strongly challenged in her job. Be grateful for that.

And recognize that this can be a good example for your own working and acting. And so I appeal to you, no matter what might happen, no matter what will be with your own brilliance, let work light and love only. And do not let any shadows produce false ideas in your thoughts. Be in the light yourself because this test is as well one of the most valuable as hard ones upcoming here for you.



The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.