The grain will give birth to an ear

Releasing your fears

Live-Channeling, Bergisch Gladbach, Autumn 2014

Greetings, children of men. Full of joy I notice your presence here in this room. I am in my absolute truth to speak to you today about what is important for you and has to work on you. You are the yardstick for the information I will transmit to you today.

Be full of confidence, go into yourselves and be aware of the information that wants to come to you today. You, children of the new age, who have prepared to work and live here in your chosen incarnations, you are in a phase of transition right now and often you are doubting whether all those things you see, hear and notice can be in their truth at all because the sufferings on earth are many.

The information of the shadows is presented in different variations here on earth. Also in many everyday situations there is information about having obstacles and annoyances. But realize that everything happening right now here on earth and in your universe is part of the big changing. All the wars currently taking place on your planet are there to strengthen and change your consciousness in love.

Be aware, without a changing consciousness and without strong impulses you were not able to change yourselves with joy. Everything happening, small or large, is not without its own reason and every fierceness, every cruelness, every darkness will find a grain that will develop to the light. At every place where darkness is at work right now this grain will soon be developing and be able to produce life. Life is nurtured by the sun and the light. Light must find its way into darkness and the grain can develop and bloom and give birth to an ear which will turn out to fertility for you. Everything makes sense.

Realize, the main factor in these times is that you are beginning to recognize and to start your work. Do not be afraid, being afraid is something that is stressing all of you at the moment and it brings discomfort into your lives. Fears that partly were far away from you are coming back with the appeal , “Recognize!”. There is a reason for your fear, accept it, dissolve your fear and let it go. You do not have to be afraid. Rely on my information.

Do not be afraid, everything happens according to a plan. Whenever you are feeling down and think there will be no positive changes, be confident then and understand that this way means change and that there will be the blooming grain again at the end of this way. This grain means life again. Children of men, rays of light of the One, be confident, you do not need to be afraid. Everything is taken care for, not only for you, but also for mother nature, for all living creatures around you, animals, plants, insects. Even the smallest snail has a right to exist. The powerful trees, fire, water, earth, air, everything has its own right to exist and is working here in your life.

Do not be afraid that there is polarity in your energies. Your task is to find your way within the polarity and to lead your sufferings to something positive. Let me give you an example so that you understand me in the right way. Take the element fire. Uncontrolled fire can kill you. Controlled fire can heat your food and warm your body. That is why you should learn to control the fire and to turn it into something positive. That is your task in the future, change the extreme, the shadows, the darkness, the sufferings and all your fears into light and hope.

Do not let your hope die, it gives you the strength to believe in a transformation into light and harmony. You know from your own experiences, as soon as fear comes up, the confusion and irritation gets worse and you get trapped in a vicious circle. Understand that your fear is made for you to examine it closely. Say, “Yes, I understand what I am afraid of” and “Yes, I want to convert my fear into hope”. As soon as I have got hope that my fear cannot expand anymore and that there is no reason to be afraid any longer, the next step will be to change your hope into a bright light, into a controlled life of harmony. Harmony is love and when you will have found this way to love yourselves as well as your surroundings, then you will feel safe and secure and fear does not have a place in your lives any longer. Should it happen that your fear comes up again, it wants to tell you something. Let there be no room for desperation, only for hope. This will help you to transform yourselves.

Fear belongs to the past, there is no longer any reason for your fear to work on you, to make you feel inhibited and paralyzed. It is your mind that manipulates you by fear. This is a “stop” in your lives now. Fear may depart from your lives, you do not have to live with fear any longer. Hope is coming to you, allow it to come into your lives, let it happen. Here in this incarnation you may allow yourselves to take the first step towards letting go your fear and not being influenced by it anymore. Recognize that there is no reason to have doubts about anything. Doubting is your next topical subject. After having had fear, now you have doubts whether it is really like that, whether you are really good enough, whether you are really allowed to go into transformation, whether it is your time and space and whether you may allow yourselves to change at all. And I say, “Yes!”. Not only is it your permission, but the order you have given to yourselves before you came into your body. You have given this order to yourselves to allow you to go into transformation. Fears belong to the past and your doubts will be transforming into courage. Courage will show you the right way to go. Have the courage to recognize which way is the right one for you. You are good, you are capable of going your way, you are the children of the One who are shining in a bright light, you are perfect.

Do not doubt, do not condemn. Accept yourselves the way you are, you are perfect. Without comparing yourselves, you would be able to live much better. Be in love to yourselves and your work. Avoid even the smallest spark of criticism, accept yourselves the way you are and tell yourselves, “I am like I am and that is just fine”. Have the courage to say, ”Yes, I am like I am, I am different, but that is exactly how I wanted to be from the very beginning. That is how I planned myself, that is why I am like I am and why I am good. And my confidence in being good the way I am gives me strength and hope that everything will appear in light.” You are the light. If you only were able to see your shining, your bright light, you would be more than happy and go every way in love and joy without any doubts or fear.

This is my message to you and I ask you again to have confidence.

Hallelujah Amadeii


The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.