The issue of happiness

Amadeii, nowadays many people ask the question “What is happiness?”
Can you tell me something about it?

Be in your love and in your peace and feel, what happiness really consists of. Happiness cannot be created, nor can it be bought with money´s worth. Happiness is a sensation of your own inner peace and the peace in all beings, who have found the path of inner values and inner calmness.

Happiness can only be realized and measured by your feelings, when you are totally in the midst of yourselves and in calmness. It is like love, it can only be felt in the midst of yourselves and it only can be measured by the peace and inner balance of your own selves. Everyone is feeling happiness differently, as inner peace can be felt differently. Be sure, happiness cannot be bought by money.

It can be luck, other than happiness, to get money, so you can repay heavy debts. The inner relaxation, which can be felt then, is a precursor of inner calmness and happiness, which can move into you. It is not the money, but it is the feeling of ease, that opens you for the feeling of happiness so that you can sense it. Now you can see that happiness and ease flow together and infelicity is the lack of lightness.

Happiness cannot be measured by your values of coarse-materials. It only can be measured by your feelings. A child of men in love is happy and you say it is floating on cloud nine. It does not need money or other riches, but it is already happy in the feeling of lightness and togetherness. Very often success is understood as a feeling of happiness. You were in good luck being allowed to be in the right place in the right moment and showing you and disclosing your values. But remember, this is not happiness – it is the need and the pursuit of acceptance to get into happiness. After a short while the quest for happiness – and further acceptance in order to get happiness – will go on, because the feeling of happiness had been felt only for a short time.  

Please realize that there have been many situations in your lives and many more will come, in which you could experience the feeling of happiness in a moment of love and lightness. Again and again remember this feeling and this moment. This will make it much easier for you to get into the sentiment of your soul.

Happiness is the language of your soul. It is a jig of glee and an exultation, without opposing much value. Talk to your soul and let the feeling of happiness find its way into it. Happiness is peace, lightness and harmony in your inner being and it is soothing your nervous system.

Happiness is desirable for the new age, into which you will flow very quickly. Happiness is hope and confidence. Happiness is harmony. Happiness is the universe´s call for consonance and unity. Happiness is calmness and peace within you. Happiness is a feeling, but no material value. Happiness is the feeling that you should be more aware of in the future, increase it in you, so that you can find your own selves. Happiness is living in love and inner peace.



The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.