The path to your pure origin

Clearing your primal issues

Peace be with you and your recognition, what is happening nowadays on earth. There are situations of clearing and of fierceness, which are taking you to the limits and turning you upside down. This is the clearing of your primal issues, which are unfolding now, rushing to surface and wanting to be perceived by you.

Look at those issues very closely, dare to realize your darkest thoughts and feelings as a part of you and to accept them. This way there will be enough space to accept and to bid farewell to them.

Everything is polarity. Brightness and darkness are a part of you, as well as breathing is a part of your life. Accept this polarity without evaluating it and recognize the pattern, which is clearly repeating itself again and again. Now you have the chance to recognize your main issue clearly and to dissolve it in love.

We also know, this will not be easy, but we provide so many approaches and assistance that you can dare to change from darkness into brightness.

Recognize the cells in you that are ready to be supplied with brightness and the energy of the ONE. Recognize the solution of your current problems as a part of the manifestation of your existence in the here and now. Start full of love. Embrace darkness consciously. Be concentrated in yourselves and realize the value of the darkness und thereby recognize every single step of learning. Without darkness, recognition and steering into the light is impossible. Talk to your shady side in order to find out which parts of you are waiting for transformation. Recognize and transform, because these are your primal information and the wrong programming in your cells, which are revealing now.

Start transforming these erroneously programmed information and images of your lives into the truth. Learn that all of it has been acquired und had not been given by the ONE to you. Realize that your cells may be brought back to the former function of impact and healing, so that the healing on all levels may come back into you. Be trustful that all these actual fierce issues depend on the primal function and the acquired faulty circuit in your cells.  Your cells can only be brought back into the correct function by realisation and love.

Turn yourselves in to these issues on all levels, be it family, society or international issues. Also look at the affairs in the world with respect to the degenerated and faulty programmed cells, which have to be brought back into the light of consciousness. This can be done only by love und definitely not by violence. Mutual understanding and talking and acting with each other is much more important than all aggressions in the world. Let flow compassion and loving thoughts into these occurrences. Please do not judge. Even you could get into such a situation and be overwhelmed. Look at the situations with love and look for the core of what is happening. Realize the meaning behind the occurrences and bid them farewell in sympathy and love. Let go and transform the misprogrammed primal information, which apply yourselves, into energy and love. Primal information has been given to you by the ONE and holds the strongest healing power. It is in you and works on all physical, spiritual and mental levels.

Recognize the actual issues of manipulated and converted primal information in every part of you and around you and transform them by taking them into your awareness. This way it will be possible for you to solve and bid farewell to actual emerging fierce issues, which have dozed in you for a long time. Lovingly be conscious of your form of existence. You are light and by light and illumination you will enter transformation and healing. Therefore you will get back to your origin, back to your primal information of your cells. This might be some consolidation for you.



The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.