Truth and togetherness

Togetherness of gender

Be received cordially and look, what currently is happening on earth. Everything will be cleared in a way, which will disclose your past, demean the transgressions of this era. The consequences will surface and you, too, will realize, that the old patterns of the past do not work anymore, and how your former patterns of action could work and be effective.

The new era of the ethereal world has dawned. In this era you will be in truth and in togetherness; you will be strong, like your brothers and sisters in your universe are since aeons. Together and not against each other, henceforth working and acting collectively will be a very important factor in order to implement your objectives and of your radiance. Old patterns of conflict will become obvious and will loose the power of implementation.

Realize that the truth will surface and all antagonisms will clearly be obvious. Also realize, that you as a single creature cannot do anything about it. But mutually you can develop the utmost power in you, which changes and causes everything. This is what you have to realize, to learn and to cause, so that you can be a full member of the universal energies.

Everything hard, every conflict, everything that is destroying the wellbeing of individual persons, is not in the truth anymore and the power of these actions will turn against the individual and will cease the light of the actions, which deliberately wants to destroy and oppress. This power has no power anymore and will not be successful in the future.

Go into your consciousness and learn to recognize what you have in common and to implement, what has to be implemented. Also recognize that in this togetherness there is no separation of men and women anymore. Recognize everyone as a human being with the same rights of being, like the ONE wanted it to be, from whom you have removed yourselves far away for a long time.

Recognize that all animate beings are equal and nobody is allowed to condemn others because of political, economic and religious facts in order to praise the own power, which has only been created by men and which will not function henceforth in the shining truth.

Regard all animated beings in the same way and recognize that nobody is able to exist without other beings. There is no man, who can exist without a mother, who has born him. There is no woman who can exist without a father, who has begotten her. Recognize that one could not exist without the other and we all on earth are of equal worth. This too, belongs to the issue of “togetherness”. Let togetherness work in the microcosm. Do not separate without being conscious of dissociation and rough treatment of other people.

All the women on earth bear in them the divinity of the creator. Therefore they are full members of the universal energies. Work with this idea henceforth. Start at your homes and in your surroundings. Honour them and learn from them what has to be learnt.

But be careful of all the dogmas, which have been put into the thoughts of your ancestors and your society since hundreds of years. Examine thoughts of that kind very thoroughly. Ask yourselves, if the body of thought is in love to you and your fellow human beings or if it is only for your own advantage or for a special status of yours? Do I hurt others by my actions and thoughts, do I mesh with the personality of an individual? Here on earth all people are equal concerning their actions and this way it should be recognized and implemented by you within the coming 20 years.

Many issues, from which you can recognize and learn what has to be seen and transformed, are made clear to you by different countries, different societies and different religious convictions. Henceforth ask yourselves, if these works are in the truth. If they are not, how could the first step towards transformation look like?

Go into love to yourselves and shine love into the outside, always in full respect to you and your fellow-beings. Learn to think and act in togetherness and beware of thinking and acting against each other. Work for everyone and not only for yourselves. Transform to reach welfare for everyone and not only for your own advantage. Be in love – and all power will accompany your works.



The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.