Wake up and be responsible

Amadeii, why was Donald Trump elected as the new president and what does this mean for us in the future?

Be in a state of rest and inner peace, children of men. It is all part of a process of change and renewal. Renewal and change not only for the USA and you but also for the whole world and the universe existing in all.

Trust that this election was necessary to resolve old structures, to demonstrate old structures and to push it into another direction of more transparency. Many of the American voters who have voted for this child of mankind, have voted by emotion, against better knowledge because they cannot take responsibility for themselves. My appeal for the future is, “Be aware of what you are doing and start changing things by changing yourselves and your thoughts. Become a responsible citizen on earth and then develop further to a responsible citizen of the universe.”

First all the lights have to go out before the last will be able to understand how precious light is. Unfortunately it is necessary to take such drastic action to wake up even the last of the earth’s population and to show him his own responsibility.

All this has been set in motion by the election. Not only has it got an impact on the thinking and actions of the American people but also on the thinking and actions of all other inhabitants of the earth because everything is globally interwoven. Your politicans as well are called on reflecting what might be precious in leading people and how high the degree of responsibility will be. All this requires a new thinking of your politicans to put a question mark on the power struggles and to put emphasis on the work for a country and its people.

The citizens of each country are also called upon to assume the responsibility for their own lives and for the election of their representatives of their country. Shouting, protest and aggression have never been successful for the children of the earth.

This becomes especially obvious in the actual flickering of the three shadows Putin, Erdogan and Trump who are children of men being led by shadows. But they also will have to recognize the limits light will set to them. Believe it, this trinity of shadows is necessary to show other politicans how important it is to set a stop signal of love. Not allowing everything to occur, not looking away. A protest full of light in the form of a separation is effectful enough to start shaking the shadows. Isolation and withdrawal instead of quarrels is an effective means to introduce change. But a closer look is important, looking away does not lead to a change.

Do not allow fears and emotions flawed with shadows to come up. They only pull you down. Face your responsibility, regardless of your position, and put it into practice. Break up with old involvements not being in the truth and start new loving processes of change. All of it in love and truth.

This is meant for you to bring you close to thinking and your responsibility. A loud bang that was heard by everyone in the world. But a necessary bang to reach even the last of you and make him thoughtful. We say a hallelujah that this intention is already beginning to bear fruit. Be full of optimism and confidence, start change with loving thoughts. Send thoughts of love and light to the centres of violence and change the energies there from dark to light. Enter this process and the intention will bear fruit.

This is for you, to take the heat out of the situation, to calm you. Your world is in change to the next ascent and that is why these measures for accelerating are necessary. But everything will take a turn for the better, only be awake and responsible. Live in the consciousness of love and responsibility for yourself and also for everybody else.

Everything is intended and part of the development into the next dimension. So be it.



The message of Amadeii, received by the medium Ingeburg Maria, is free for everybody´s application, but must not be modified in any way.