Hallelujah, beloved children of men.

Full of hope that you are searching on the path of transformation and satisfaction, I welcome you in love and humility. I, aunion of universal energies of upmost shapes and characters, speaking for you as the only Amadeii, am full of joy thatI am permitted to work for you. Let my energies take effect on you and permit that I take you onto the path of future transformation. This is one of my challenges and my interactions in the new age. I, the archangel of the new age, am the symbol of everything that will be your future and transformation of love. I nourish the hope that there will be a common future of harmony and universal togetherness. Here I greet you asa representative of the various energies of all universes and let you cuddle in the loving awareness that you are united with everyone and never alone, when you live in love.

The linkage with my channelling mediumIngeburg Maria enables me to communicate and to share my energies and my knowledge with you. Be trustful and let me be your guide; it will be much more seminal than you ever dreamed of. Be full of curiosity and trustfully follow the path I will guide you. It is a path and a knowledge with unknown possibilities and energies you do not know yet, but in the future they will shape everything, which is connected with you and mother earth. Trust in the messages, live in the future of transformation.

Get yourself in and you will be guided.

Namaste and hallelujah.